We’re Engaged!!!!

We were enjoying an early Valentine’s Day celebration at Regas. In planning for this day, I began to suspect that perhaps the night of the date might be THE night, though I wasn’t 100 percent sure. After discussing it with friends at length I decided to just let the day happen as it might and try not to expect anything so that I could just enjoy the evening as it was and not be disappointed.

During a very busy day at work, T (also known as Bubba) sent me some beautiful flowers at work with a card that said, “Can’t wait for our big date tonight. I love you.”

These flowers encouraged some excitement in the office, but because I had been so busy, I didn’t pay much mind to them assuming that T was just being sweet for “Valentine’s Day.”

I left work at 3:30 p.m., went by Dillards to pick up a dress and then headed home to get myself ready. T picked me up at 7:00 for our 7:30 reservation. It was exceptionally rainy so he met me at the door with an umbrella. Conversation in the car was normal, T was very calm. When we arrived at the restaurant T dropped me at the door and parked the car. We were seated in a booth in the main dining room and greeted by our server Jeff (who was amazing). To begin the meal we ordered a white King Estate wine that we both liked (we had it for the first time at the Melting Pot on my birthday), even though we both ordered the fillet. Dinner progressed as normal. Halfway through the meal T went to the restroom and I texted April and Katie to let them know that tonight probably wasn’t going to be the night, but that it was going great anyway. T came back to the table, we ordered Red Velvet Cake for dessert, the waiter brought out a sweet red wine for us both to taste with the cake and then the check came. After the bill was paid, we lingered at the table for a bit finishing up the wine and cake.

Then T asked me for my hands. Having already decided that the proposal wasn’t going to happen this night I obliged without thinking anything of it. He said sweet things to me (not out of the ordinary) about how happy I made him, how beautiful I was, how glad he was he’d ended up with his best friend and that he couldn’t wait to spend his life with me. I said thank you and repaid the compliments. Then he said, “So I wanted to ask you…” and reached into his pocket, walked around to the table, knelt at my side and said, “Will you marry me?” and showed me the ring. I gasped with my hands over my mouth, said, “Yes.” Hugged him and then asked, “Wait, did you ask my mom?” He said, “Yes, of course.” Then I said, “Ok, then definitely yes!” We hugged and as he stood up, the restaurant patrons clapped. I put the ring on (it was beautiful), the manager of Regas brought over some complimentary champagne and that was that. As we reveled in the moment, some restaurant staff came by to congratulate us and a man from the table nearby came over to share some advice, “Don’t go to bed mad. Always try to look at it from the other person’s perspective. And generally ignore unsolicited advice.” (Clever we thought, and a bit weird, but nice).

The whole night was absolutely perfect!


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