Happy Valentine’s Day

Since we had such an amazing early Valentine’s Day celebration, we decided to play it low key for our real Valentine’s Day. I did have to work at the bridal store (White Lace & Promises), but decided because T had done such a great job on the early celebration, that I would take care of the real celebration.

We wanted to stay in so we could just enjoy the night together. While I was at work, T did the most romantic thing (he did all the laundry as he normally does on Laundry Sunday and then cleaned all the toilets and the gross things in the house I don’t like to clean). The kitchen was all clean and ready for me to cook our dinner. He wanted my mom’s Beef Stroganaff (sp?) so we had baked sweet potatoes, and noodles and crescent rolls and green beans. We ate at the dinner table with some candle light and just had a really nice dinner together. It was so special to sit at the table and really enjoy our meal not worrying about if we’d had time to work out or if we had somewhere else to be. We just cooked slowly, set the table, enjoyed dinner and a bottle of wine, and hung out together. It was the best way I could think to spend Valentine’s day…and it was so great, we think we’re just going to make it a tradition to go out a week before all the rush and bustle of Valentine’s Day and then spend Valentine’s Day together doing something we both really enjoy. It worked out great this year, and it will probably be how we do things from now on! Next year at this time, it will be just a little less than a month until our wedding!


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