We Are Combining Households

So I decided today to start blogging throughout the wedding planning process. So much new stuff is going on in mine and T’s lives that I thought the best way to keep everyone updated was to update the wedding site.

Since we got engaged, we have been working on combining households. It’s been a little bit stressful and overwhelming for both of us, but we’re working it out. Slowly but surely we’re getting things in place, mixing his things and my things and really making the house a home.

So far as renovations go, we’ve updated both bathrooms. They look great! Both have new shower curtains, new paint and some wall decorations. I think the guests at the house during football season (Wes and Gentry mainly) will be surprised by the changes, but probably not as happy about them as their girlfriends/wives! We also worked really hard this weekend to get the front garden in order. We dug up all the stuff that was there before (pretty much dry and dead stuff thanks to the not-so-green-thumbed gardener who lived here before T) and replaced it with five azaleas bushes donated to us by Josh and Chelsea. We also put in a new wood planter filled with blue hyacinths, orange and white, daffodils and another little purple flower (the name escapes me). It looks really good and I can’t wait until we get the butterfly garden spread I ordered from Koby’s school fundraiser. Neither T nor I has high hopes about our ability to make those plots of sod filled with seeds designed to attract butterflies grow, but we’re going to give it a go and then work from there. We also got a new garden hose and are planning to start working on the planter around the mailbox in the next couple of weeks. Also coming up is the guest bedroom (also known as Wes and/or Gentry’s room). Basically all my furniture from my bedroom at the apartment will go there…along with some of T’s stuff that’s already there. So we’ll get the furniture in there and then paint it. Can’t wait!

So it’s been a really fun experience getting moved in together and figuring out how our home is going to be. We’re also enjoying family get togethers (like Easter today). We went to church this morning at Messiah with mom and Katie and really enjoyed it. We’re excited to work with Pastor Eric and to get that whole process going.

After a wonderful weekend with friends and a great day with family, we’re feeling really good about our life together and know good things are coming in the future!


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