It’s April 10, 2010

This has been a big week for Tand me…on Thursday we met with Whitney from All Occasion Catering about food for the reception. We met her at 6:00 after work the other day, and after sitting in the parking lot of their place on Central Avenue with some sketchy characters doing sketchy things behind us, we were so excited to go in! She was very sweet, and was able to understand exactly what we wanted. We’re a little nervous about what we’re going to get with the proposal, but she has ensured us that we can make it work with the feel and environment we want, which was reassuring.

We also talked with her about cakes and things, and we’re excited that we can call on Magpies to do a cupcake tree and a smaller cake for us to cut for ceremonial things. So we’re going to be looking into that in the next few weeks, but are pretty excited about it.

We also did a lot of work on the front yard today. We planted some silly seed sheets that April tricked me into buying from Koby. Basically, they are a long sheet of paper with seeds sown into the middle. We’re suppose to water them and cover them with dirt and get a million little wildflowers that attract butterflies (call us skeptical). It still looks good though, and if they come up it will be even nicer.

After we laid those, we went to Lowe’s to get the border for our front garden and mailbox planter. We planted some flowers called Phlox in the mailbox planter…I think it looks good, but we probably need two more things to put in there.

Everything looks really good! With the bushes in the front and the planter in the front garden, the completed mailbox planter and the beautiful tree, we’re really excited about how things are turning out! Here’s the whole house!

Our next project is to sand the porch and paint it…and sometime down the road we’ll replace the shutters, but for one weekend (two really) the front yard has really come together!


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