We Love Havana Nights

We had dinner last night with T’s parents. They are on Spring Break (well Silvia is) and came into town to have dinner with us and see the work we had done on the yard. Thanks to Josh and Chelsea (and their wonderful donation of five azalea bushes), our little front garden looks amazing. Some how, we were lucky enough to pair the bushes by color (two red ones, and three pink ones) and they are blooming like crazy!

We at at Havana Nights with Silvia and Eddie (the Cuban restaurant on Gay Street) and then walked them from the restaurant down Gay Street to Coolato Gelato for some dessert  then walked through Krutch Park to Market Square then down to the Federal Courthouse and over to Gay Street down in front of the Tennessee Theater and then back down to the restaurant. It was a nice long walk to work off everything that we ate!

T and I are both very lucky to have such amazing parents. We both really enjoy spending time with his mom and dad and my mom and sister. I feel very blessed to have my small family grow, and think that (one of) the best things I’ve heard T say was what he said to my sister after we got engaged. He told her, “I’ve always wanted a sister, and I’m lucky to have it be you!” A little cheesy I know, but I know she feels the same about him. We are both very much like our parents and have learned some amazing lessons from them in our lives (and are learning even more as we embark on this journey towards marriage). They are so supportive and loving, we know we can do anything with them backing us.

The walk around downtown was amazing last night, lots of people were bustling around and we saw some familiar faces, and the weather was amazing. We really can’t wait to take our pictures downtown next week…both in Clinton and in Knoxville. Katherine of KB Photography has really been amazing to work with and we haven’t even met in person yet. I’ve been so crazy to even email her URL links for the dresses I want to wear in my pictures. Though I know it is neurotic, she seems very understand and willing to work with us to make sure that our pictures are representative of us and our personalities both as individuals and as a couple (my mom says she’s going to have a terrible time photographing us because my bangs are always in my face and T fake smiles, both of which are totally true).

We’ve got a lot of great stuff going on in the next few weeks are are so excited to get to them. We’ve got the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk on Saturday morning and my whole family and some of our very close friends are joining us to do that. My nana suffers from the disease, as did T’s grandparents, so we are very excited to be walking for such a great cause. Our team (Nana’s Walkers) has almost raised $2,000. If you’re interested in donating, please visit my personal fundraising page and make a donation online…I’m trying to out fundraise my mom and right now our team is only $3 from achieving our goal! After the Memory Walk is over, we’ve got a low key weekend and then our Engagement Pictures on Sunday evening. We’re shooting first in Clinton and then in downtown Knoxville. We had hoped to shoot on campus, but all of the places that are important to T and me are under construction. Though we’re trying to see about getting permission to get into the stadium to shoot some pictures in our amazing seats, we aren’t having much luck. T’s basically been playing phone tag with our contact, and we don’t have high hopes that they’re going to be able to work with us, but we’re still keeping our fingers crossed.

Anyway, every day we have together brings something new for us to enjoy, be it gardening, home repairs, attending events or figuring out how to be support one another after a hard days work. Everything is exciting and we’re really enjoying figuring out what our life as Mr. & Mrs. Harris are going to be like. 🙂


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