We Had A Successful Day Making Memories

Yesterday was so great! Though T’s allergies have been killing him, we managed to have a fairly easy day at the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk. We got up early and went to meet my family at 2nd Presbyterian Church on Kingston Pike.

Our team was called Nana’s Walkers because we were walking for my Nana (and Ts grandmother). The walk was nice, we had a team photo made in front of the Memory Walk sign and watched some of the other teams play games. We got to eat some good hot dogs and hear some good music.

The walk itself was about 1.5 miles through the greenway trails that run along residential Kingston Pike. It was a really nice trail and the event was pet friendly. We didn’t take Toby because we weren’t sure she’d make it through the whole day, but we’ll probably try next year.

Apparently, this was one of the biggest events they’ve had in years…with over 1,000 people registered to attend. There certainly were a lot of people there, and I can’t wait to hear how much money was actually raised. I know our team raised nearly $2,100 with just 11 people. I can’t imagine how much the whole thing raised. Hopefully a lot!

It was a tough day because we really were faced with how many people this disease really does effect. Sometimes when you fundraise for causes like this one, its difficult to know that what you’re doing really is paying off.

Truth be told, what we’re doing now isn’t going to help Nana. It may not even help those of us on Nana’s Walkers that walked yesterday, but it was nice to see all her children and grandchildren and our friends pull together for the cause. The weather was beautiful and though it got a little warm towards the end of the day, it really was a great morning.

I always really enjoy doing those kinds of things and especially enjoyed spending the morning with my mom and sister (We Three!). It’s so nice when you can pull together to do something that you enjoy that also means a lot to everyone you know. I’m so glad everyone supported me by signing up for this event. It meant a lot to me how eager everyone was to get on board to be on the team, donate and come participate in the walk. It was great!

After the Memory Walk, T and I stopped by THE BEST YARD SALE EVER to see Matt and Lita and visit with baby Eli. We didn’t buy anything, though I really wanted the coffee table they had out. Matthew said he’d sell it to me for $5, but I believe T’s counter offer was “I’ll pay you $5 not to sell it to me.” So we didn’t get it.

After that we had a little bit of M&M’s BBQ for lunch and hung around the house so T could recoup from the morning outside. We then went to dinner at Pelancho’s for Allison’s birthday and then to Union Jacks to cap off the night.

Today we are doing our engagement photos with Katherine at 5:30 in Clinton, then going downtown to finish up our session. She’s been great enough to agree to cut our shoot a little short today and do another day in the Stadium so that we were sure to get the photos we wanted and ones that really represent who T and I are as a couple. She’s been amazing and I can’t wait to meet her today. I think it’s going to be a really good match!

Now I’m just crossing my fingers that T’s allergies will hold out until after the pictures are over!


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