Our Engagement Photos Are Completed!

I’m happy to report today that we finished our engagement portraits with Katerine from KB Photography. We had so much fun shooting in downtown Clinton and Knoxville.

To start the day off, we stayed inside most the day (with the exception of a quick Target run and lunch at Wendy’s) so that we could keep T’s allergies at bay. We were in luck because it was a bit chilly and the little bit of rain that came through on Saturday (and by little, I mean very little) seemed to help out…that and his new found mystic eye drops.

We went to Clinton an hour before we were suppose to meet Katherine because I wanted mom to help me iron our clothes. (I know I should have been able to do that, but I only trusted mom!). I also had to do my make up and add more curl to my hair since it had all fallen out since I started it an hour earlier.

We met Katherine at 5:30 behind/in front of the old Hammer’s building to shoot some pictures on Market Street. It was so quiet in the sleepy little town that we were able to shoot some pictures walking down the middle of the street and some other playful stuff. We shot in front of some of the antique store fronts and next to the red brick wall by UMMC. We also shot some in front of the Ritz. Then we went to Knoxville and shot all around downtown…up and down Gay Street (north and south)…and on the railroad tracks under the bridge connecting Gay Street with Regas Square. We also shot at Regas Square (since T proposed to me there). I’m encouraging him to buy the building for me so that we will always own the place where we got engaged…he’s not buying it (no pun intended). Unless he’s just really putting on a front! haha.

Can’t remember if I mentioned or not, but we were really wanting to shoot on campus near the rock and the stadium, but since both places are under construction, we decided to let it go. T did do some work to find out if we could shoot inside the stadium, and we could, but we think we’re going to wait to see the pictures from yesterday before we do more. I still kind of want the pictures inside the stadium, but T says he doesn’t think we really need them. We DO have lots of pictures from in there, and can always take more, but we’re still deciding if we think it’s necessary to do another shoot just to get them (I’m still thinking yes, but slowly being persuaded no). We’ll see.

It’s kind of a slow week for us as far as wedding planning goes. We’re waiting on our proposal from All Occasions to see what it’s going to cost us to feed and drink all the guests. And, of course, we’re waiting on our proofs from Katherine (hoping they come soon, because we can’t wait to see them!) and then the engagement party on Friday night. So it should be an easy week, hopefully saying that doesn’t jinx us!


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