Our Engagement Pictures are Posted!

This week started out awesome with our engagement pictures on Sunday…but since then the week has just been one long work day it seemed like. With the exception of a mini girls night out for April’s birthday on Tuesday, it’s just been drudging by.

Just in case you don’t know, our photographer, Katherine posts her sessions on Facebook and on her blog. So I look at both of those a lot to see what new stuff she’s doing and who all she’s photographing. Having spent a large portion of our day with her on Sunday, and corresponding for weeks via email, I knew that the weekend she was shooting our pictures she was also shooting a wedding and a family portrait. Needless to say, I was thrilled when both of those sessions were up on her sites by Monday or Tuesday afternoon. So I started checking every five minutes to see if she had uploaded some pictures of ours. She assured me they were coming soon!

After having a very long day today, and coming home to clean the house (I don’t know what got into me…spring fever maybe…but I scrubbed my newly painted bathrooms from floor to ceiling and back again–including toilets, yuck! and then vacuumed the whole house), I sat down on the couch exhausted. Noticing that ever enticing blinking red light on my Blackberry, I had two Facebook messages, one from Kristen saying how excited she was to see me Friday (ME TOO!!) and one from Katherine, but when I went to read the one from Katherine it wasn’t there. I immediately checked Facebook from my computer and didn’t see a wall post there either or a message, and no new pictures had been put on the KB Photography page…BUT, lo and behold, she had posted our pictures on her website. So if you want to see them, you’ll have to look there. We’re at the top of the page right now, but when she uploads more stuff we’ll move down.

She’ll be sending us a CD sometime next week and I’ll be able to upload some here too. I can’t wait! As soon as we get the CD, I’ll be able to pick our photo for the Save the Date! Can’t wait.
Take a look at our photos! Enjoy!


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