We Had a Great Weekend!

We are so lucky to have such great friends…and we were reminded of that last night. Grant and Allison/Amy and Zach put together a great engagement party for us and invited all of our friends. The food was spectacular and the company was amazing.

I feel a little bad because I lost track of who all brought gifts and so am trying to put that together in my head…and think I will probably end up sending thank you notes to everyone that came. I’m hoping (I know) I will do a better job keeping track of who gives us things. I started a list and am going to be meticulous about keeping it straight. haha. I’m hoping that everyone knows how appreciative T and I are about their gifts and even more appreciative of their friendship, and won’t hold it against us if we miss their notes for this one time. 🙂

T and I also have our second round of engagement photos with Katherine this week (on Wednesday) at the Stadium. I got T a new orange shirt and got me a new white dress with orange detailing on it. They match perfectly, so I’m really excited to see how the second round of pictures turns out (since the first ones turned out so well). Mom made it very clear that we need a more formal/normal engagement type portrait done this time for the paper. We didn’t quite get one in the first go round, so Katherine is going to make sure we get one this time. I’m super excited…and VERY lucky that my fiance loves me enough to take a second round of pictures even though it’s the last week of the month and is SLAMMED at work. I know he’s a bit over the pictures, but he knows it’s so important to me…so he’s putting up with it, which is why he is so great!

The weather was so yucky today, and we were kind of glad, because it meant we could be lazy most of the day. We went grocery shopping at Kroger and Target and met T’s mom for lunch at Mimi’s Cafe in Turkey Creek. It was a yummy breakfast/lunch thing…T and Silvia got Eggs Benedict and I got a yummy, yummy ham, egg and cheese croissant and we had Sloppy Joes for dinner…haha.

We’re going to the Matt & Lita’s tomorrow to celebrate a friend’s birthday and top off our weekend. So fun! It really has been a good weekend and I’m thrilled to have seen some of our friends that we haven’t seen in a while and to be surrounded by so many people that we love! We feel so lucky to be so blessed.


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