Our Final Engagement Portrait Session is Done

It’s been a busy couple of days with planning for the Mayor’s State of the Community Address. April and I ran around like crazy people all day Monday setting up the Bijou and picking up everything we needed for the Address on Tuesday. Tuesday we had a very early morning and the mayor gave an amazing speech…the whole day went VERY well and everyone was VERY pleased with how it turned out. April and I could breathe a sigh of relief when it was all over. For all the planning, it sure was over quick–I think I better get used to that because I think it’s basically what the wedding will be like.

This morning, we took our engagement pictures in Neyland Stadium. It was so awesome and we felt so lucky to have been able to do it. We did pretty much fall in love over two football seasons so the pictures in the stadium were one of the best ways to express that. We are so appreciative that Katherine was willing to work with us to do a second shooting. She’s amazing if I haven’t mentioned it yet.

Of course, watching the weather after several VERY WARM days and several VERY RAINY days, we were hoping for SUN and WARM for the pictures, but we only got sun. It was about 47 degrees while we were shooting. I had picked out a very nice white dress with some orange detail on it to match T’s orange polo, and it looked very nice, but I was definitely freezing. I wore my Ugg boots in some of the pictures and my flip flops in some of the pictures. I hope they all turned out cute….but in the transition between shoes and pictures and moving around a lot, things got a little funny. I was walking down the steps to get in position as instructed by Katherine and I was giving T a hard time about walking behind me (etiquette, I read, says that boys are suppose to walk down the stairs in front of girls and up the stairs behind them in case they fall). As I was saying, “You’re suppose to walk in front of me down the steps in case I fall” the last letter of “fall” left my tongue and my feet flew right out from underneath me on the stairs. My flip flops are a bit slick on the bottom and I mis-stepped on the stairs and fell flat on my butt and slid down about four stairs. I cut my leg up a bit and busted my butt, but my dress was ok! Thank goodness! I was a little more careful through the rest of the shoot.

Luckily, it warmed up a bit and I didn’t mess up my dress and we had great weather…we have been very, very fortunate.

Now we’re just waiting on the CD from Katherine with all of our pictures so we can design our Save the Date magnets and get them sent out. I can’t wait to get the CD! In case you haven’t seen what we’ve got up, you can look at our pictures on Katherine’s blog (though we’re a bit further down the page now) or on Facebook.


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  1. klutz….runs in the family. xoxoxo

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