These Are Our Engagement Photos

These are our engagement photos…all of them. Katherine took soooo many. All the albums are posted on my mom’s Snapfish account. Click here to view photos. We haven’t event seen them all because there are so many! Once you have checked out the photos you can order prints if you want.

Here is the stuff from the second disc. Click here to view photos. It’s a lot of the downtown Knoxville stuff. We really can’t stress enough how happy we are with Katherine. She really did an awesome job.

These are the photos from our third disk…basically all the stadium stuff. If you haven’t noticed, we got every picture in black and white and in color. Katherine was so awesome (I say it again!). We also got them on this amazing set of CDs. The CD cover has two of our favorite pictures on it and then the actual CDs have our pictures on the front of them too.

Aren’t they awesome? You can see our stadium pictures here: Click here to view photos.

We were so excited to get these all uploaded. It really took almost 24 hours for my poor little computer to process all the pictures. Now that they are all posted. We are working to get our save the date picked out, designed and ordered; so we will be contacting you all for addresses VERY soon…be ready!

Again, if you’re interested in our amazing photographer, her name is Katherine Birkbeck and this is her website. You absolutely won’t be disappointed when you see the work she does. I literally cannot wait to see what she shoots for the actual wedding!


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