The Guest Room is Coming Along

So the blog has been a bit boring lately because I haven’t had any exciting news to update since we got the engagement picture CDs.

Now, I’m excited to say that we are getting the guest bedroom underway. We picked out paint on Saturday and moved the futon and the desk out of what used to be “Toby’s Room” and taped off most of the room to paint. We’ve gotten most of the room done (a little more than half).

While I was home today with Mom for mother’s day Tanner took down the blinds in the room and unplugged the electronics in the entertainment center and moved it away from the wall for me. It’s a lot bigger project than the two bathrooms because it’s so much bigger, so I’m a big overwhelmed by the size and moving everything around to get it painted, but I’m excited about how it looks and even more excited that we’re going to have it done by the time the movers bring my furniture over from the apartment. The room will come together very nicely. We’re going to hang the old blinds up for now, even though we’re pretty sure we want the nice white wood blinds in there (probably going on the registry), and I’ll hang new valances. I think I found some at Bed, Bath & Beyond and we have a credit there from Christmas so I hope that they match as well as I think they will.

So, right now we’re concentrating on finishing that room up…paint now, then furniture and bedding, then window treatments and it’ll be finished. I’ve ordered two of our engagement photos in poster size to be framed and hung in there and a few pieces of wall decor from my apartment will go up in there too. After all that, it will be TOTALLY finished.

After we finish this room, I’m pretty sure the office is next, but we’re going slow. It will take some time to get things in the office organized and moved around so we are even able to paint it, but that’s going to be a light slate gray (I think) and decorated with the pictures from our stadium engagement session and some other of our UT memorabilia. We don’t want it to be an over the top UT room, but done tastefully, I think it will look really good.

Other than that, we’re not worrying about much else. I’m trying to get the Save the Date magnets designed and ordered and then we’ll be going over our guest list and finding addresses. I’d like to have those mailed about by Memorial Day weekend, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to or not…we’ll just have to see how it goes.

We’re going to BBQ fest next week and then working with the movers next weekend. So we’ll be pretty busy getting ready for the move, but I am so excited to finally have ALL my stuff here. I’ll still have some clothes to move, but they’ll be here eventually…everything is coming together VERY nicely!


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