We’re Back From BBQ Fest

Hey everyone. Sorry posting has been a bit slow. We’ve been super busy lately. We took a nice trip to Nashville and Memphis to visit some friends and attend BBQ Fest. We left for Nashville Wednesday night and stayed with Jared and Nicole. It was so nice to finally meet them (aside from the tailgate introduction last year). Their house was so cute and they were such great hosts to take us out for a little bit in the middle of their work week. We had a very nice dinner and had a great time visiting with them and Lunsford (I met his wife Emily for the first time, too, but she and the baby didn’t come to dinner).

When we got up on Thursday, we finished the drive to Memphis. We stopped by Wes and Amanda’s new house (beautiful!) to drop our stuff off and see the baby, then we went to the cook site. It was something I’d never experienced. It was REALLY hot in Memphis, but I was excited to see what all the fuss was about and T was excited to see his friends from West TN. We really did have a blast. We cooked and partied and slept on an air mattress (yuck!) and had the BEST breakfast I’ve had in a long time at this crazy little breakfast place. We did end up leaving a day early to come back because the Nashville night out and the Memphis first night party took it out of us. We got back just in time to enjoy our whole weekend.

Here are some pictures from BBQ Fest. This is T and me waiting outside the gates of BBQ Fest for Wes to bring us our wrist bands. I just had to chronicle my first trip to Memphis and it was SOOOOOO hot!

Here are some of the booths we saw. They have crazy names and themes. The one picture that cracks me up the most is the guy who is sun bathing with Aluminum foil under his chin and his prosthetic legs sitting with the trophy display. It was so strange. When he saw me taking this picture he told me that he was tanning the underside of his double chin so that when he accepted his awards later in the weekend he wouldn’t look pale from below…weird!

When we got back home, we were happy to see that the room was totally done. I had finished painting it before we left, but was certain that we were going to need to do another coat on it. We didn’t! I also put up some really great window treatments from Bed, Bath and Beyond. They go great with my bedding. I can’t wait to have the furniture here and get the room in some semblance of order…I’ll have six more drawers to store things and some storage space under the bed, a couple more shelves for the books T and I refuse to throw away and a fan (which will be great for the room, but also for T because he rides his bike in there). Stay posted for what happens next.


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