We Are Making Progress

So after I got home from the bridal store yesterday afternoon, I was so excited to see that T was whipping up an amazing dinner for us and that he had cleaned out HIS closets and moved them around so that I could have the big closet in the bedroom and the one that I had already filled in the guest bedroom and he could have the two layer closet in the bedroom and the one in the office.

He also took me to Target to get some cubbies so I wouldn’t have to store all my stuff that didn’t hang on the floor in my closets. When we got home, he put them together and put them in my closet.

We now have a ton of stuff for the yard sale. I’m overwhelmed by it, clearly, and hope to begin hanging some of that stuff on hangers and pricing it this week so I don’t have to do it all next week. April has some great rounders so all of our stuff should be displayed really well. I’m thinking about advertising our yard sale on Craigslist since I won’t be there at the house alone and on Facebook, not that any of my friends will want my old clothes, but hopefully some people will see it. We’re a bit disappointed that we won’t catch any of the school traffic, but we’ll figure something out.

At any rate, our households are totally combined and I told T last night he’d have to burn the house down to get my stuff out because it was the last time I was moving all my stuff alone! We worked until almost 10:30p.m. last night trying to get everything organized and are so excited that Miss Sharon is paying us a visit next week to help get us ready for the bridal shower we are throwing for Steph and Tyson.


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  1. p.s. It's the last time I'm moving you too!

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