We Caught Up With Some Family Over the Last Few Weeks

I may or may not have said that Katie is taking an internship at Dixon Hughes this summer (so proud of her) in Atlanta. She’s actually living in Decatur but she’ll be working in Atlanta. So last week we had a cookout for her so we could get all the family together to wish her luck before she left. It was nice, we had hot dogs and hamburgers and almost everyone was there (excpet Rob because he was working) . Here are some pictures from that.

Also, last week we mailed out our Save the Date cards, so I’m interested to see if we’re going to get any back. The post office is so stupid because they don’t sell stamps that match in sets for odd amounts required to mail stuff (ie. the magnets cost like 64 cents to mail, but they don’t make 65 cent stamps so you have to buy a normal stamp or a 60 cent stamp and put either two 10 cent stamps or two two cent stamps on it none of which match at all…so you’d have a cake and a clock, or a basket of flowers and a necklace). So I basically bought double the stamps I needed to mail them so they would each get two stamps that matched, but the ones we mailed out randomly only had one stamp on them, but then got run over with a pet friendly/animal welfare postage meter…so we don’t know. The lady at the post office said that we couldn’t run them through the postage equipment so we had to stamp them ourselves (because they jam their equipment), but it looks like they ran a couple of the ones that got delivered through…so who knows. I took care of it with two stamps I know, but it’s still stupid.

Another fun thing we did, is visit with some family from out of town. For the first time in over ten years, I got together with my cousins Dagny and Earl Jr. and their mom Linda (my dad’s sister) and Dagny’s husband and three kids. Obviously, the kids weren’t around the last time I saw them (at Dagny’s wedding), but you know what I mean.

Linda and her husband Earl Sr. have bought a house in Morristown on the lake (trading in salt water for freshwater) and Dagny and Wally and their kids were visiting this week, so T and I drove up today to see them and visit for a while. I was a bit nervous at first, but so glad T was going with me. But the visit was so fun and the babies were so cute, that I am even more excited about going to Ft. Lauderdale this month (well next month) to visit Grandpa Taylor and his lady friend June. I think it will be a nice trip. Here are some pictures from our visit today…the kids are adorable.

Above is a photo of Aunt Linda, Dagny, her two girls, Madison and Arebella (both three, obviously, because they are identical twins) and me. the in the baby walker is Lawson (five months) and next to him is Earl Jr. The next one is Dagny feeding Lawson and then a picture of the two girls and another one of Lawson. Then there’s another one of Linda and the girls, with Wally (Dagny’s husband) in the corner. Earl Sr. was gone back to Florida for work so we didn’t get to see him, but we had a nice visit anyway.It was a really nice week for family visits and the Memorial Day Weekend was nice to spend with friends and taking some time to think about work for both of us, but it was still great. T was so perfect and was so nice to come along with me to see my family. It was a big relief that everything was so perfect and normal, and we are looking forward to many more visits with them going to be between home and T’s parents in the next few years.Now we’ve got to set our sights on getting the yard sale over with and then we can focus on getting to the beach! We seriously can’t wait!


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