More Busy Weeks and Exciting Wedding Things Are Happening!

Gosh…so much has happened since I last blogged. We have been so busy and it’s almost impossible to keep up with blogging all the time. I read my friend Lindsey’s blog sometimes, and her’s is way better than mine. She updates and does creative little videos and stuff, plus it looks way cooler!

Anyway…over the last few weeks we’ve been so busy. It seems like we just can’t slow down. We did Stephanie and Tyson’s “Tools and Teddies” wedding shower on the 12th of June. It was so fun. Sarah and Michael came in to help set up for it. It was so nice to get to spend some time with them because they live so far away. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, fixins, watermelon and strawberries, a veggie tray, chips and dip, cookies, cheesecake and some really good butter scotch brownies from my Betty Crocker cook book…I had to make the brownies (including the butterscotch) from scratch, and they were sooooo good! Hardly any were left!

The shower was so funny because Tyson and Stephanie got (obviously) tools and teddies. Tyson got a great grill basket and some clamps and Steph got lots of cute lingerie, but Steph’s brother and dad were there and were so not into seeing the lingerie…they played with the dog instead. So funny.

After the shower I kicked T out and my girlfriends came over and we did a passion party with Pure Romance, which was SO funny and then went out for Alison’s bachelorette party. It worked out well because I had so much food left over from the first shower that all I had to do was feed the girls and clean up quickly. It was an exhausting weekend, but so fun.

We went to Ft. Lauderdale last week (June 19th through the 23rd). It was a great trip. We were a little bummed with our travel arrangements through Allegiant because we lost a whole day Saturday waiting around to fly out at 6:50pm and didn’t get into Ft. Lauderdale until about 8:45pm and not to the hotel until around 9:30pm. We ate at the Bahia Cabana that night…it’s supposedly a Lauderdale by the Sea landmark…even though it’s now in the Days Inn hotel. We basically ate bar food and had a couple drinks, then went back to the hotel. So we didn’t get to do much on Saturday. The view from the hotel was awesome with floor to ceiling windows on two sides of the room. Here are a couple pictures of our view (we could see both the beach and the marina from our room):

Sunday we got up and went to the beach, then hung out at the pool for a bit. We ate lunch at the pool and had expensive (but very good) Strawberry Daqiris.

Sunday night (father’s day) we went to dinner with my Grandfather and most of the rest of my Ft. Lauderdale family at Lago Mar Beach Club. My grandfather is a member there and we used to stay there when we visited many, MANY years ago. My mind was sort of blown that I hadn’t spoken to my own dad since Father’s Day of LAST year and was in Ft. Lauderdale having dinner with HIS dad and family. For those of you who don’t know…I haven’t seen my dad’s family in over 13 years. I didn’t talk with them much and was, basically, estranged from them totally. My dad spent a lot of time in my childhood working very hard to keep my sister and I apart from them with the argument that if we didn’t want to see him, then his family didn’t want to see us, and basically telling them that we weren’t interested in visiting or hearing from them. So since I’m getting married next year, I decided to reach out to them knowing that now that all the deceit has come to light things could be repaired and moved past with them. It was actually a really nice trip and, like I said, my mind was blown at the welcome and excitement we received from them for our short visit. Here is a picture of the family after dinner on Father’s Day:

Pictured are: my uncle Jimmy (my dad’s younger brother), Ben (my cousin, Jimmy’s son), T, me, my Grandfather, his girlfriend June, my cousin Earl Jr. and his mom Lynda (my dad’s older sister).

So, it was a nice group with a great dinner. My grandfather is 85 years old and he’s been seeing this lady June for almost two years. They are so in love and it is so apparent. It was awesome for T and me to spend so much time with them because it was so neat how happy and lively they were. Both of our grandparents are about the same age (or a little younger) but not at all as “together” as these two were. It was so neat. They were even a bit more lively than Tanner and me…out every night! They are even leaving on Sunday for a six day cruise…”a little hop over trip” they called it.

On Monday it was SO hot…so we went down to Las Olas Boulevard to look at the shops and wonder around. We went through some of the tacky beach shops and found a Ft. Lauderdale Christmas ornament for our tree (my mom started this tradition of buying a Christmas ornament whever we traveled–so I’m carrying it over to for T and me and our tree). T thought it was kind of silly, but we found these great Christmas balls with sand and stuff in them that said Ft. Lauderdale on the front. T gave his input (and made a great effort at being interested and supportive of the tradition) by saying, “I like the ones with normal colored sand and you should get one with a green bucket in it, because we bought a green bucket to play with at the beach.” I was very happy with him. Here’s the sandcastle I made with my green bucket:

After we walked around Las Olas for a bit, we went to lunch at a place called the 15th Street Fisheries. I had a soft shell crab sandwich and T had a really good seafood sizzler…we shared some awesome cheese bread. We went to the pool a little bit on Monday afternoon before dinner. On Monday night my grandfather and June picked us up again to take us to dinner at a place called the Samba Room. One of Ts co-workers told him it was a Cuban restaurant, but it wasn’t. It was so good, but not a Cuban restaurant.

On Tuesday we got up and went to to beach again and then to the pool and had lunch there again. Tuesday night my grandfather and June picked us up for dinner and took us to June’s condo for a few cocktails and snacks. Her condo is a 3,000 square foot place on the 19th floor of a private high rise building on the beach. Here are a couple pictures of her view:

It was such an awesome place, when T walked out on the patio of it, his knees buckled it was so high and my dress blew up over my backside. It was a beautiful place with floor to ceiling windows on all sides–so cool! We decided we could definitely give up our house here in Knoxville to live in something like that! Then we went by my grandfather’s house so I could see it (it was the same as I remembered–foggily–from my last visit there…for my cousin Dagny’s wedding). We went to dinner at a really great Italian place in Pompano Beach called La Veranda. It was so good! I had veal picatta and T had Chicken Parmesan. So yummy!

On Wednesday, I wanted to go on this Duck Tour where they take you around Ft. Lauderdale via land and sea. On Tuesday, I called and they told me the tour was at 11am so we got up, checked out of the hotel and went down to wait for the tour. When they finally showed up at 11:15am, they told us the next tour wasn’t until 1pm. It kinda busted our last day because we had to kill so much time before our flight. We ended up walking through a Border’s Book Store, driving around Ft. Lauderdale and then going to eat at Las Vegas Cuban restaurant. T was so happy…it’s all he wanted to eat the whole week and we finally got to do it before we left. You can see how happy he was to be eating there!

Then we got on our flight and came home. We had a very low key night on Wednesday night and had cereal for dinner. Then on Thursday night we had Talapia and Red Snapper with sauteed mushrooms and sweet corn. It has been really nice not working and I think we could both get used to it. I’m sure that you can see that we have both been pretty checked out because we haven’t updated Facebook or emailed and I haven’t Twittered…being totally checked out has been awesome.


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  1. I love this entry! So awesome reading about your dad's family and the warm welcome. I know how much that must have meant to you. You are really making me want to start blogging with all your cute stories! Love you!

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