Happy Fourth of July!

So things have been pretty low key since I got my dress. Not a lot of wedding planning going on except for making appointments with the florist and the rental/linen company. I’ve got both of those next week to get going, and am excited to try to get that worked out.

Last Saturday, we went to Brian and Alison’s wedding. We are so excited for them and had a great time at their wedding. It was a fun way to hang with friends and celebrate for them. There was a bit of a pastel theme in the dresses we wore to the wedding (without planning)…pastels and VERY tall shoes!

Brian and Alison did their honeymoon in Aruba and were staying at the same place T and I want to stay, so we’re excited to hear how they liked it.

On Sunday, after their wedding, we had a Sunday Funday at the pool with some of our friends. It was a nice relaxing day at the pool where we could hang out, lay in the sun and just enjoy the company.

The work week was a bit long and stressful since we had both been off work for a week, but planning our menu through the week and going the grocery shopping for that made is so easy so we wouldn’t have to think about what we were having for dinner, we already knew. Wednesday we went out and did girls/guys night. I went to Matt and Lita’s to hang out with Ashely, Raluca and Lita and T went to Rooster’s to hang out with the boys. The girls were going to eat sushi and watch Alice and Wonderland, but needless to say, we never started the movie because we were having such a great time visiting. I told them it felt like an episode of the Housewives of Knoxville because I am the young about-to-be newley wed and they’re married (one with a baby) who are scoping me out and giving me advice. It was very funny!

Yesterday, T and I went to Norris Lake to hang out on Bow’t Time with my family to watch the Fire on the Water fireworks. I haven’t missed this show in 23 years (or as long as they’ve been doing it, because I’ve been on the lake the Saturday before the 4th every year for as long as I can remember, except maybe ONE summer when I was at Wesley Woods, but basically EVERY year). We hung out for the day, swam a little, took a boat ride in the Ski Supreme with Uncle Charlie and Russell and his girlfriend then took a long cruise out to the damn, past point two and to Mountain Lake marina and back. It was so nice. Brought back a lot of really good memories of life on the lake when I was growing up.

We don’t have many plans for the 4th of July weekend, just basically taking it easy. I need to go to the apartment today to patch up some of the big holes in the walls and get ready for the walk through on Monday and I’m going to Clinton to hang out with my mom on Monday and get some tips on job interview attire. So, a pretty low key weekend, but it was nice to only have one full week after getting back from vacation before getting a three day weekend.

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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