I Have the Best Mom!

Me and Mom sharing a hay bale at
Easter 2009 Lunch in Maryville.

I know I just posted approximately one second ago (or a bit longer if you pay close attention to the posting times), but I was just sitting thinking about a couple things and felt that I had to share.

I spent Monday afternoon at home in Clinton with my mom and her new kitten, Rosie. It was such a great day because we had lunch together in downtown Clinton and then went to visit my Nana for a little bit.

I so love my mom and sister and know how lucky I am to have them both by my side at this exciting time in my life. So, don’t get me wrong when I say this…but spending one-on-one time with my mom is something I really look forward to and enjoy. We always have so much fun when the three of us (dubbed “We Three” early on) hang out and spend time together, but, and I’m sure Katie can agree, spending one-on-one time together is awesome too.

So, what that rambling leads up to is me saying that I am so lucky to have the best mom. She is so supportive and loving and has unfailingly always been there in the best and worst of times. She has nursed every heart break and has rejoiced every love. And, I can’t imagine planning this wedding without her by my side to keep me calm and realistic.

Anyway, I think she’s beautiful and amazing, and know that she’s the best. So I just wanted to thank her, in front of everyone (or the five some people who read this blog) for everything she has done for me and all she continues to do. She is my best friend and realest hero. Basically, she’s awesome!

So… Thanks, Mom! Olive ewe.

♥ We Three ♥

ps. I’m pretty sure “realest” is not a word.


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2 responses to “I Have the Best Mom!

  1. awwww…..I love you too! And I think you are equally awesome!

  2. That is so sweet! I love it-count me as one of the 5 or 6!

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