We’re Getting in Shape!

Ok, so today was a big day.

I met with the florist today for my initial consult and was so excited. I decided to go with Lisa Foster Floral Designs. With the wedding planning, I’ve really relied on my gut feelings about the things we’ve decided to do and felt really good that my gut is leading me to some of the most respected and most highly recommended vendors in Knoxville. I was so excited to meet with Lisa (when I talked to her on the phone she told me my wedding date was her birthday) because she was so friendly on the phone. April was going with me to do her first big Matron of Honor duty so I felt pretty confident.

I had my pictures and all these great ideas about what kind of flowers I wanted to incorporate and why and was so excited. Unfortunately, I’m not a flower professional and, actually, don’t really know anything about flowers…at all. So, Lisa was great to guide me to a list of flowers that were exactly what I wanted and helped me really put together something I know I’ll be happy with. Plus, she’s really flexible and said I have seven months and a week to make changes before I have to sign on the dotted line for sure! So I’m really excited. She seemed to really see what I wanted to do and did her best to help me get there, which was awesome. PLUS, she came in below what I thought the cost of the flowers would be, which was even better! So that was a great start to the day (my appointment was actually at lunch time, but you catch my drift).

Now onto what made the day even better…

T has been doing so great riding his stationary bike at home, that I’ve basically just been feeling bad about my lack of working out. I was doing so well at the end of last year getting ready for Valentine’s Day (and what I thought might be my engagement–luckily for me it came a week early)…but then after the engagement and the early move to T’s, I fell out of practice working out and lost the ambition and drive to actually GO work out. Though I kept up with the Wii and a few at-home-DVDs, I slowly fell out of practice (“they” say that it takes 21 days to build a habit and just three to break it…and that proved to be SO true). So the point of this rant was that I haven’t been working out and have been feeling bad about it, especially since I just bought my wedding dress and know I will have to stand in front of 300ish people in 8 months in it.

So anyway, I joined Court South through work and went for the first time today. I looked up the treadmill routine I was enjoying doing from Fitness Magazine. It is designed to work out the glutes because it is a medium paced walking routine with high incline intervals. It was so great because it was just 20 minutes, and I really felt worked after I had finished it. It was a good warm up and if I got to feeling saucy or really good…I could do it again (40 minutes worth) and up the speed or the incline levels. I thought the routine would be a good way to ease back into things knowing that I would be super sweaty and winded after it because I am so out of practice.

Also, before I left work with my Fitness Magazine treadmill workout, my friend Jason (and dedicated CrossFit trainee) came in touting the greatness of CrossFit and encouraging me to try it. Much to my skepticism, I agreed to do a workout (the Jackie) that involved a rowing machine…I used to love those when I was in middle school and forgot how great they were.

So, off to the gym I go with my treadmill glute-sculpting workout and my “Jackie” CrossFit workout (which along with the 1000 meter Erg workout, included 50 reps of 45lb thrusts and 30 pull ups). I checked in and scoped things out fully intending to do the treadmill workout and then do the “Jackie” after, but when I saw the Erg (there was only one) I got nervous that it would start to get crowded the closer it got to 5:00pm and I wouldn’t be able to use it. So, I started with the Erg. I did about 500 meters just to see if I could remember how to do it. When I finished that and was still feeling good and having fun I set the machine for 1500 meters (a little more than the “Jackie” required) and went to town. I got a little tired, and developed some blisters, but still really enjoyed it. After I got up, I remembered that Erging is great for the butt, but forgot that when you get up your legs are like jelly. So I went down to the weights to start the rest of the “Jackie” workout, and there were only beefy men who looked like they were SUPER serious around the weights. So I decided not to do the thrusts or the pull ups and go to the treadmill work out. So I did it and a little extra doing about 1 mile and a quarter in 20 minutes.

As I was leaving, I signed up for my free consult with a trainer for tomorrow (involving some computer program to show me how fat I am now, compared to how not-fat I will be in 12 months) based on my answers to some health related questions, then a full workout lead by the trainer (“Come ready to work out because I’m probably going to kick your ass a little bit,” said Mike) and a print out telling me how I should be working out and what I should be doing. Sounds like a good deal…so we’ll see.

T is always so great about supporting me and telling me that I’m beautiful, and, while I so appreciate that, we all know what it’s like to be unhappy with your body and, no matter how much other people tell you, you don’t FEEL like you look great. So, I feel good to be making this jump and trying to take charge of the situation…and feel even better that I have T around to support me and push me to keep up with it. I really am so lucky to have him and know that my life will always be better with him in it. 🙂

That is all for today, because, as I said, I worked out today and am already starting to feel my muscles freaking out!


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