We Have Great Friends!

This weekend was a fun one for us too (we’re very happy to say that we have a lot of them)! On Friday, we had a nice, low key evening. After work, I went to the gym and did a little bit of cardio (I’m so very “gym” when I say that…”Today, I did some cardio, tomorrow I’m going to work on my quads!”) and then came home. I was suppose to cook T a pork tenderloin for dinner, but I decided I really wanted Marco’s pizza (awesome after working out, I know). T obliged me because he was late getting home. We just hung out and watched tv, enjoying our evening.

We slept in on Saturday and then went to the pool with the Belchers, the Lohers and our favorite one year old baby Eli. We so enjoy seeing him progress. He’s walking and so close to talking and swimming. He loves the water and it’s so fun to be able to contribute to his learning and his life. Matt and Lita are so great to let us love on their baby and give him back when he’s cranky (even though he’s super lovable then too). While we were jumping around in the water he leaned in and gave me a big kiss on face and snuggled in for a big hug…I looked at Lita and told her, “Whatever this baby wants, we will get him!” T saw/heard and said, “Hey, baby, quit hitting on my girl!” It was funny. After we went home from the pool, I cooked T the pork tenderloin that was intended for Friday night and went to bed early with a bit of a headache.

Sunday morning was chore time, we cleaned the house up really nice, which we had been putting off for a while gathering clutter. We did laundry and cleaned out/organized the fridge and freezer. I cooked cornbread in my cast iron skilled today too, which made me feel like our skillet was finally properly seasoned because when I took all the cornbread out, the stuff wiped right out without any black on it! So exciting. I also made a loaf of honey-apple-cinnamon-clove sugar free bread! The house smelled so YUMMY and we were all carbed up!

While we were at the pool on Saturday we were talking about what I was cooking for dinner on Sunday (because we do the menu on Friday so we can grocery shop on the weekend) and Matt and Lita said, “What time should we come over?” So we said, “Come on! Raluca and Chris, too!” So after cleaning up this morning we prepped some tequila lime shrimp for a Sunday Funday World Cup Extravaganza. Raluca brought us some authentic Romanian soccer food called Mici (pronounced Meech) that are basically meatballs with lamb, pork and beef and lots of yummy spices that you eat with yellow mustard and fresh bread while saying, “RAWR, I LOVE SOCCER!” They were so yummy. After we were all fat from those, we put the shrimp on the grill and cooked up some Alfredo noodles and had a nice little dinner.

We are so grateful for all of our friends and are often amazed at how blessed we are. Today, we were doubly aware of how lucky we are and how much we have to look forward to. Lita and Raluca are like my “Housewives of Knoxville” mentors. Lita and Matt have been married for a while and have a beautiful baby and Chris and Raluca are more newly-weds than Matt and Lita, so I get all kinds of great knowledge from watching them. It’s like they take me under their wings and teach me all the wifely things I need to know!

Tomorrow, I’m going into Anderson County for the fair to eat greasy food and cotton candy with my mom. I’m super pumped. I was thinking I might have to go to the gym on my lunch hour, but I’m going to work it all in. Go to work and then to the gym, then home to Moms to shower and then to the fair. We were suppose to have steak and potatoes for dinner tomorrow, but we’ll just push everything down the menu a day and see how that works.

Right now, I’m feeling good. Things are easy peasy Japaneesy. (Knock on wood).


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