I’m Feeling GOOD!

This has been a really good week!

To start off the week, Monday was an ok work day. It went quickly and I got some important stuff taken care of, then got to go to the gym and go to the county fair with my mom. I so love the county fair, especially when I go with my mom because we like to go eat junk food and cotton candy and look at all the funny exhibits. Plus it’s neat to see people I went to high school with and what they’re up to.

So I got my cotton candy and my corn dog and something called a twisted pickle and then ran into Miss Sharon (the lady who cleans basically everyone in my family’s house–and now mine and T’s) and her husband and nephew. After visiting with them for a little while we walked over to see fairest of the fair and then walked through the animal pen. All in all, a great day with my mom doing something I think is really fun!

I’ve accomplished some good wedding things this week too. I did a walk through at the Emporium Gallery today with Jason (the All Occasions Rentals wedding guy), Chasta (my bridal consultant and friend from White Lace and Promises) and Alison (Grant’s fiance and my wedding day helper). We basically walked through the venue and discussed table placement so I could work more effectively on the budget. Hopefully, when I sit down tonight I can better figure out what our cost is going to be.

For now, I’m blogging while T cooks up some yummy steaks on our well-seasoned cast iron skillet to go with my smashed potatoes and green beans. while we watch Seinfield and listen to the rain. Woo hoo!

Here are some pictures of the Anderson County Fair for your enjoyment!


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