Mrs. and Mrs. H (?!) Were Out And About

Yesterday was the start of a very good weekend. I finally got the GREAT news that I got the job I’ve been waiting to hear about. Starting August 2nd I’ll be working in the University of Tennessee office of Media Relations as an Information Specialist (Level 1). Though it’s only a one-year contract, it’s going to be an exciting change and I’m so ready for the challenge.

T and I went out to Bonefish last night to celebrate.

To help pass the day yesterday as I was waiting for the call about the job, I took the day off. I slept in and went to the gym. I did ten minutes on the bike and then ran a 5k in 44 minutes. I was so exhausted when I got home. T had called a guy to look at our pet jellyfish (the water damage on our wall) and he came by to tell us it was going to be a pretty cheap fix. Then T’s mom, Silvia, came by to take me to lunch and go by the bridal store to see my dress.

It was a fun day with lots of good news! Hopefully, more good news will come!


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