Or not so happy to say…it’s HOT!

Our AC is NOT working. When we came home from an awesome day at the pool with our friends the Matt and Lita (and Baby) and Chris and Raluca, it was 78 degrees in our house. We turned the air off in hopes that it would de-ice and begin working. We turned it on again before we left to go to Toddy’s to celebrate my new job with friends and Shaun being back in town for the weekend from his time training out of town, in hopes that it would be COLD when we got home…it wasn’t. It was like 82 degrees inside the house.

So we opened the windows before we went to bed last night and turned the air off again. T cleaned out the filters a bit and we’re going to get new ones today to see if maybe that’s what caused things to back up a bit because of the air flow. Hopefully, that and letting the system rest will make it work again. (I don’t have high hopes).

If not, we’ll have one more hot night and T will call someone on Monday. Ugh. Luckily, it’s been a little less hot the past few days than it has been, but it’s still TOO HOT for us not to have a working air conditioner. YUCK! So all the fans in the house (three) are going at full speed, and churning warm air around. Both of our animals are splayed out on the hardwood floors because it’s too hot for them to be on carpet. Also, everyone (T and the pets) are still asleep because we got home late, but I’m too HOT to sleep anymore and my nose is stuffy and eyes are puffy because of the windows being open.

Bleh, bleh, bleh….BLEH, BLEH, BLEH…BLEH!


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