Sunday is Menu Day

So we’ve been trying this out for a little while…making our menu on Sunday and then grocery shopping for what we need to eat that week. We have found that we save a little more money that way by only buying what we need for the week and that we are eating better because we’re not having to figure out what we want after a long day of work.

So, I was trying to find some other interesting blogs to read and I stumbled upon the “Adventures of a Southern Newlywed Blog” and I think I’m going to start stealing recipe ideas for weekly dinners from her! No joke, T and I do pretty well with our meals during the week, but I get tired of coming up with new stuff and T doesn’t like us to do CRAZY, super hard menus during the week especially because we both work and I’ve been going to the gym. So it’s hard to get super creative, we try to save those for Saturday and Sunday nights because we’ll be home and have time to prep and cook something really good, but sometimes we get side tracked and go out with friends or get lazy and don’t want to cook (like yesterday, we had Wendy’s…the worst we could have done!).

Anyway, on the “Adventures of a Southern Newlywed Blog” she is cooking the following:

Pork chops crusted with Italian panko breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese. She mixes together about 1/2 cup of panko and a few tablespoons of freshly shredded Parmesan cheese then dips the pork chops in egg (or egg white) and then coats them in the panko/Parmesan. She sautes these, but says you can also bake them in the oven. She is serving them with peas and portabellas tossed in butter and garlic.

And then on another night, she’s serving beef kabobs with pineapple and mushrooms from Let’s Dish, which is apparently a site that plans out a menu for the whole month with recipes, but it costs money…so I’m sticking with All Recipes. All Recipes is great because it’s free, though it does offer a price-option that upgrades the site with all kinds of cool tools and recipes options, but the free site is awesome too. That way you can just type in what you want to cook and then have the recipes.

Since I started cooking for T (long before we were dating), I had this great idea to put together a cook book of recipes that are important to me…my mom doesn’t really keep recipes, she just knows how to cook the things we like…and I wanted to be able to make all those things for my fiance and my kids (eventually) and then have something to give them so they can cook them, too. So when I find a recipe I like a lot, or T likes a lot, I put it in that book so I can remember how to do them without having to search all over for the recipes. It’s kind of neat because when I got the cook book all the recipe cards were blank, but mom kept some and filled out some of the things we love, like our Easy Peasy Cobbler Recipe, Nana’s Chex Mix recipe (only to be made at Christmas with a secret ingredient that takes all year to stock up), and the Betty Crocker Beef Stroganauff recipe. So it was really neat.

Any other suggestions about what else we should cook this week? I’m going to start my grocery list now…even though it’s 1,000 degrees in our house!


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