The Air Conditioner is Fixed!

Yes, yes, yes…we WERE without AC on Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, Sunday, Sunday night, and Monday morning.

Fortunately, for me, T loves me very much and is very understanding of my low level of tolerance for being hot in my house…so he let me go home Sunday night to stay with my mom. I say he let me go…and he did…but I feel like he probably more like sent me home because I was pretty grumpy and the odds of me sleeping well were, well, pretty low.

After all the advice we got about waiting to call the AC repair guy on Monday because Sunday would cost a fortune, we called Marty from Humphries Heat and Air (of Corryton, Tennessee and neighbor to my Matron of Honor April)…the difference in cost between a Sunday trip and a Monday trip was $25 bucks, but because my fiance is a bit stubborn and I was too tired and grumpy to fight him, we made an appointment for Monday. At this point, I was convinced that I was doomed to another night of blistering heat IN my home because I was CERTAIN that he would come and see what was wrong with it, then have to order a part and get it delivered, then bring it back and install it…drawing out our issue days and days. (Now, in all fairness, I am a bit dramatic when I’m uncomfortable and hot and don’t know why something has broken and can see no reasonable means to fix it without calling a repair man.) So, I was discouraged.

Marty called me about noon on Monday and I left work to meet him at the house. As I was sitting under the fan in the living room, the doorbell rang, and it was Marty. He had come and fixed the AC without me or my fearless watchdog, Toby, noticing. Well…what happened? I know you are dying to know…

An ANT. An ant is what happened to our AC. A tiny little cement ant had made its way into a piece of our AC (a tiny piece) that holds a tiny piece of equipment that goes up and down in order to create a surge of electricity to get the fan going. Well this little ant had crawled onto the top of that tiny piece and gotten itself smashed right on the top of it. So the smashed ant body was covering the top of this piece and blocking the electricity spark we needed to start our AC…the current couldn’t get through the tiny ant body. So, our AC was foiled by a tiny little ant. Anyway, Marty fixed our AC by replacing that piece with one that had a lid on it so that no more ants could make their way into it. We were back up and running by the time I gave him the $84 check for his services ($50 for the service, $34 for the part…that he had in his truck). It took about four hours for our house to get down to the cool 68 degrees, but it was much cooler than the 89 degrees we had been dealing with for the day before.

So it’s been a good week with a rocky start because we also had someone come out and look at our Jellyfish wall. He (who happened to be the husband of my college sorority advisor) advised us to call his friend “Smurf” to come take a look at our roof. Smurf and his buddy, “No Shirt Johnny” clamored up onto our roof, decided they needed to patch some spots and secure our vent. They advised us to peel our wall, mud it, killz it and paint it. So we’re well on our way to ridding ourselves of the Jellyfish I sort of have grown to love, but will be glad to see go because it puts me one step closer to turning over our bedroom!

So, to recap, an ant stopped our AC, I roasted and got grumpy, T sent me home to my mom’s so we could both survive the heat wave, Marty replaced the part, the AC came back on, Smurf came over and crawled around on the roof, fixed the roof issues while we were at work and we’ll soon be on our way to painting the bedroom after I pick our new bedspread! All in all, it’s a happy bunch of things to report.


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  1. this is the most random post! if i didn't know any better, i'd say you were on drugs! lol. jellyfish wall? smurf on the roof? an AC ant? haha i love it!

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