Everyone is Alive Despite Our Best Attempts!

What a week this has been. I am exhausted after what has occurred. It’s been a really tough week as far as workouts go. Monday, I tried a step class and I am not AT ALL coordinated enough to do it. While I was trying not to break my ankles, I was sweating my butt off and could barely breathe. It was fun, but I think I’ll stick to something else because I might have killed myself if I didn’t bow out a little bit early. It was a valiant effort from me, I feel like.

Tuesday, I went yoga with Tee and it was a GREAT class. Chelsea is going with me next week and I couldn’t be more excited. Wednesday, I had a really hard work out with John (that include weight lifting on a balance ball–maybe the hardest thing I’ve ever done). I sweated so much after only a 30 minute work out then did some cardio on the treadmill. I went back to Yoga on Thursday to stretch out my muscles from the session with John.

Friday, I lost my mind. I didn’t work Friday because I had several things to do. I needed to spend the rest of my Flex Money from work, so I needed to get some new glasses and I needed to have some keys made for me and T, Miss Sharon and our guests that were coming over, I needed to take a body pump class (at John’s request) and I needed to go to Lowe’s to pick up some new flowers for our front yard (that still looks like crap because Will Beets hasn’t come to mow it), then I needed to plant those flowers, and I needed to go to Walmart to get a new shower rod and some shower hooks. So I really didn’t have a plan for how it was going to work and what my schedule was going to be; I just knew the body pump class was at 9:30, noon and 5:30 and that I needed to be in Clinton by 4:30 to go with mom to visit Nana.

So, it went like this…Sharon came at 8:30. I left the house shortly thereafter. I went to Walmart and got the shower rod and hooks. Then I ran by Pilot to get a big water and went to the gym. I thought, I could get there early and do the treadmill and then do the class if I felt like it, if not, I did an acceptable workout anyway (which wasn’t really true because last Friday I ran a 5k). So, I did a mile and a half on the treadmill then did the body pump class at the gym. Then I went to Lowe’s got the keys and the flowers. By the time I picked out all the flowers, I was just as sweaty as I had been at the gym…literally, dripping. So I came home, and not wanting to be in Sharon’s way, I started on the yard. Mind you, it was probably a billion degrees. I dug up my planter and did it first (so I could feel like I had at least accomplished something). Then I started on the mail box planter because it was small (and I hoped easy). As I was doing that, I was seriously sweating out every bit of the water I drank at the gym, I had dirt up to my armpits. I finished that up then started on the front garden. SO EXHAUSTING. I had to dig up the weeds and bulbs that were there…YUCK. Then I lugged out TWO BAGS of potting soil to put some good dirt down so we could plant some new stuff…and by that time, I was so tired I could barely move the shovel to spread the dirt around. I got the other two bags of mulch out of my car and lugged them to the garage for T to deal with.

I seriously thought I was going to die. I was SO sweaty, and dirty and grimy. But, over all, if felt really good to work that hard on Friday. To top the day off, I went to Morning Pointe with mom to visit Nana and we stayed for sing along. So funny, how Nana knows the words to all those old songs. Crazy how the brain works.

Saturday, I had a 9:00 a.m. appointment at The Shop with Dana, then came back to the house to visit with some of Tanner’s friends that had stopped by on their way to a wedding. Then went to the mall to get some Bachelorette themed things for my Bride-to-Be-Saturday friend. We had a great “Bridesmaid Luncheon” at Bath Junkie where we got to mix our own scents for some bath salts and lotions. Then we went to dinner at Bonefish and then out to the bars. This is where we tried our darndest to kill her. One thing I learned…don’t ever give someone like Steph a list of things to accomplish before she can go home. If she didn’t have the list, I think we might have been home about two hours earlier…but it took her a little time to get in the spirits (or get the spirits in) to get it started and finished it. By gosh though, once it was done, so was she. We hit Southbound downtown and then Hannah’s in the Old City. Then I topped the night off at Crown and Goose as I waited on Tanner to come get me (by topped the night off, I mean I sat at the bar by myself playing Gems XXL on my Crackberry as I waited for my loving fiance to come pick me up).

So, needless to say, this Sunday, I am so looking forward to just BEING LAZY, but I know we have to do the menu and we have to go to the grocery store. Stay tuned for another post today about what our menu will be. I know you can hardly contain your excitement!


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