We Survived a HECTIC Week/Weekend (and…it’s recipe day)

This past week was a bit hectic for me because I was trying to squeeze in a bunch of appointments before my KC insurance got cut off. On top of that, I was trying to be in the gym as much as possible because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go this weekend. And of course, not to forget, my friend Stephanie’s wedding.

So I already talked about our Tennessee Shines date night, but Thursday was probably one of the most hectic days for me. It was my last day at Knox County, so I went into work in the morning, to tie up a few last minute things, clean out the last couple things out of my office and turn in my keys. I left early to drive to Maryville to attend a PIO (Public Information Officer) luncheon hosted by the Blount Memorial Hospital PIO team. It was focused on social media, but I was mainly going (at the previous urging of my supervisor Susanne and) because some of my new co-workers/supervisors from UT were going to be attending. It was a good lunch and it was nice to get to sit with some of the new people I was going to be working with.

When I left that lunch in Maryville, I went by my florists office to discuss a couple changes to my floral order for the wedding. After that, I was suppose to go to the gym, but I decided to skip it because I had so much going on on Friday and I wanted to run by Personally Yours to order a handkerchief for Stephanie with her new initials on it.

Friday, I had a second training session with John at Court South first thing in the morning, but because I skipped the gym on Thursday, I went early and did a heavy treadmill run (2.25 miles in 30 minutes) and then worked with him. When I left there, I ran by the house to pack a bag and take a quick shower, then headed to Personally Yours to pick up my gift for Stephanie, then went by the office to drop off some thank you notes, then headed into Clinton. I stopped at Git N’ Go for lunch, went to get my hair touched up at Dana’s, went to pick up my glasses and got home JUST in time to take a quick rest in watching Jersey Shore reruns and then hopped in the shower. Then I went to Steph’s church for her rehearsal and then to the rehearsal dinner. After that I went home to get some shut eye.

The day started bright and early on Saturday with hair appointments at 8:30a.m. at the Tennessee School of Beauty and then heading to the church. It took four people to curl my hair and get it pinned up. It looked good. Then we got to the church got dressed, took some pictures, watched Steph get married, took some more pictures and headed to Hunter Valley Farms for her reception where there was food, drinks, speeches, and games. After a long night of partying, I came home with T and collapsed in bed. We were so EXHAUSTED.

Today we are trying to take it easy as we’re both tired (and I’m a little grumpy). Amanda is going to meet me at the bridal store later this afternoon so we can look at my dress again and get her measurements put in for her bridesmaid dress. We did have breakfast at the Gourmet Market and go into Clinton to pick up my car, then we went to Best Buy for T to get an iPod thing installed in his car.

Our menu this week is a little bit lame for a couple reasons: (1) we are trying NOT to have to go to the grocery store because we are doing our cookout on the 14th and know that that trip will be a little more pricey than our normal trips to get all the things we need to feed people who attend that; (2) we are too tired to go to the grocery store, but have been doing such a good job only buying what we need, we don’t have much to do for dinner this week; (3) because I’m starting my new job this week, I’ll have to go back to going to the gym at night and the class schedule changed, so some of the classes I want/like to take are occurring later in the evening; (4) we have some evening commitments other than my workout schedule to attend to as well; and (5) because it doesn’t always have to be an AWESOME menu–there are a lot of variables.

Anyway, so the menu this week is as follows:
Tonight: Leftovers
We have so much leftover food in the fridge that we’re going to try to work our way through it with a hodge-podge meal tonight.

Tomorrow: Bean Burritos
We have some refried beans here and some tortilla shells that we haven’t gotten around to using. And, as always, we have lots of cheese and sour cream. So we’re going to rig something up with those like a bean burrito or quesadilla for a yummy dinner.

Tuesday: Sandwiches and Chips
We have a plethora of sandwich meat and some bread in the fridge, so because I have training on Tuesday and a late yoga class and T has a conference call that he isn’t sure what time will end, we’re going to basically be doing dinner on our own with just little sandwiches and chips. Kind of like lunch for dinner, so not too exciting (definitely not as exciting as breakfast for dinner) but still doable and made of things we ALREADY have.

Wednesday: Fish fillets, corn on the cob and Lima beans
Again, we almost always have some sort of frozen fish fillet in the freezer because we can cook those as singles or cook as many as we want. They usually work pretty well if one of us isn’t here for dinner and the other one still wants something good to eat, or we just make more if we have more mouths to feed. Corn on the cob is my favorite, so it’s just a yummy summertime treat and lima beans are one of my most favorite beans, so we’re having those too (because we have them and I like them–and T has never eaten them).

Thursday: Bertoli meal with salad
We have a bagged Bertoli meal of Italian sausage and pasta in the freezer that T usually makes if I’m gone, because I don’t LOVE them, but because we have it and don’t want to go to the store, we are working it in. And of course, we’ll have a yummy salad.

Friday: NO MEAL
We are going to an engagement party at Dead End BBQ for Grant and Alison.

Saturday: NO MEAL
I am going to Atlanta to visit my sister and help her move back home. If I get home in time for dinner, we are going to an Open House party for our friends Darin and Ellie to celebrate them getting moved into their new house. If I don’t get back in time for dinner, I will eat with mom on the way home and T will be on his own!

So, this week sort of goes against what we were trying to do with the menu in that we were trying to eat well, eat things we were excited to make and that we liked, but sometimes this happens. You come up on a week where you don’t have time or energy to shop and you have to make due with what you’ve got. Because we’re still pretty early on in trying to make this work, we still have some excess stuff we can work with, luckily. And because the BBQ we made last week made a TON of leftovers, we can probably work that in one night if we wanted to.

It’s just going to be a pretty overwhelming week for me, so this needed to be an easy dinner week. I go to orientation for my new job tomorrow and then go by the office to see what my space looks like and unload some things that I am carrying around in my car from my other office before bringing them into the house to clutter up our already cluttered office here. Tuesday, I’ll be in the office all day and trying to sort things out most of the rest of this week. T has a bit of a funny schedule this week too, in that he has that late Webinar and maybe a late conference call on Friday. So, though we’ll figure it out, it’s just going to be a bit stressful.

It will certainly be a week of settling in!


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