I am Getting Excited About This Recipe Week

So, as you know…this week was kind of a crappy recipe week. With all that was going on in the evening…my late yoga class/training session and T’s conference call, plus I did a girls night out to celebrate my friend Ashley getting a job in Atlanta . I was so disappointed that I didn’t even post links or pictures of what we were planning to eat. SUPER LAME! Plus, I had to eat frozen dinners for lunch all week because I didn’t have any yummy left overs. 😦 Major boo!

Well next week is going to be different. We are gearing up for our cookout at the end of next week, but also have a lot going on.

So next week, on Tuesday I have a dinner with my Junior League group at Bonefish and on Thursday, T and I are going to a farewell Ragsdale Administration party at the Mayor’s house…obviously eliminating two nights of dinners. BUT, I do have a really good dinner idea ready for Sunday night if we can get our grocery shopping done that day (because it, too, is going to be a busy day, following a busy weekend).

So, next week’s menu will be Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, (maybe) Friday and cookout Saturday.

Sunday during the day, I am going to the Premier Bridal Show with my mom and sister starting at 11:00 a.m. Hopefully, T will do the grocery shopping, or we can go together when I get back.

THIS is what we’re having Sunday: Spicy Mango Sweet Potato Chicken with Penne Pasta and Asparagus. As you can see via the hyperlink, it’s another recipe from AllRecipes.com…which sends me an email every day. Most of the time I delete them, but occasionally one will stick. Now, typically, T doesn’t like the sweet/meat combo, but I’m hoping that because the mango plays such a SMALL roll in this dish, he won’t mind or notice. Also, he’s requested that as we’re TRYING to do a carb-less meal each week, that we also try to do a vegetarian meal each week. As the recipe says, this could be done without chicken, but I think I’m going to use it.

Monday: Not sure yet, but this needs to be either the meat free or carb free meal.

Tuesday: NO MEAL
As I said, I’ll be eating at Bonefish with the Junior League, so T will be on his own, or eating my left overs when I get home!

Wednesday: Not sure yet, but probably Hamburger Helper (with meat AND carbs).
I know I heard T say something this week about wanting Hamburger Helper of some kind (I think the four cheese lasagna), which is not that great, but will work out just fine because its easy and doesn’t require much work from either one of us to put together a meal.

Thursday: NO MEAL
We will be eating heavy hors d’oeuvres at the Mayor’s administration farewell party at his house. I’m sure these will be so yummy because Sandy Garber (his right hand lady) usually throws a pretty good party…and she has GREAT taste.

Friday: Not sure yet as we may not even do a meal at home.

Saturday: Cookout Goodies
Now, for the cookout, we usually do hot dogs, hamburgers, “fixins” and a signature drink. We also usually supply one bottle of Patron for our guests to share and enjoy and then everyone else does BYOB and brings sides. Last year, I’m pretty sure I also did the grape jelly meatballs as a finger food snack. Not exactly sure what our plan is this year…we have toyed with the idea of doing BBQ (mainly because we have so much left over that will still be edible and because it will be a nice change of pace for people who may not want a burger…and because it goes on buns, too). So it will be a game time decision because we will probably have to do a separate grocery trip for the cookout…and a liquor store trip.

T made Hop Skip and Go Naked last year. This is the basic recipe:

  • 1 bag of ice
  • 1 can of limeade
  • 1 can of lemonade
  • 2 liters Sprite
  • 1/2 gal of vodka
  • 1 case of beer

Mix it all together in a big cooler and serve to guests. It wasn’t a HUGE hit last year, but T likes it and is determined to make it work and make people like it. I’m sure we will also have Smirnoff ICE around so the boys can torment each other.

As for the other days of our menu, I’m really trying to do a vegetarian meal, because that’s a little easier for us to do than a no carb dinner (and by no carb, we really mean no pasta–because we eat too much of that…obviously, with Hamburger Helper and Penne Pasta dishes BOTH on the menu this week).

Here is one option I’ve stumbled upon that’s made up of things that we basically already have on our grocery list as a consistent item or already have in our fridge: Vegetarian Reuben Sandwiches. If you look at the nutrition facts, they aren’t that great for you…probably because of the cheese and the butter and the dressing…but I think I could play with that a bit to get the calorie count down at least. Perhaps I could use low-fat dressing, 2% cheese and margarine…and less of it. They look pretty yummy in the picture and are basically only missing the corned beef or turkey…depending on how you like it, so they might work. T and I both LOVE sauerkraut.

I think our best option is to make the same day every week our no pasta night and the same day every week our vegetarian night. So basically something like Tuesday is our vegetarian night and Monday is our no pasta/low carb night.

I will update the recipe list as we decide what we’re having the other days on Sunday. If you have any yummy suggestions, please post comments to let me know and I’ll see if we can work them in. T obviously has a say about what he wants to eat during the week too, so one (or both) of the remaining days are probably going to be his choice. However, he did suggest the vegetarian night…so if there are any vegetarians out there…please comment with some good ideas.


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