I Got a Nice Surprise at Work Today!

Sitting in my office waiting on my 2:00 meeting, I got a nice delivery from my “Boss Dad” Dwight. Pretty yellow flowers in a cute little vase sure do brighten up my office and make things smell good!

The card said, “Congratulations! Miss you like crazy, but I know how successful you’re going to be and I sure am excited for you. Love, Dwight.”

When I called to thank him he said, “Well it’s a yucky rainy day out!” And I said, “Well I still don’t have a window so I didn’t even know! But thanks!”

Whether it’s proper or not, Dwight has been like a dad to me since I started working for/with him. He was so good to me as an employee, but also as a friend and I always felt good knowing he was in my corner. He pushed me to be better and work harder all the time. When I finished undergrad, he made me do the commencement ceremony even though I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. When I finished graduate school…he did the same thing. AND he was at BOTH…which is more than I could say for my real dad.

I’m lucky to have people like him who support me and always want the best for me, in an unconditionally loving way. The unconditional part is what means the most.

Thanks, Dwight! (And everyone else who stands behind me or beside me every day!)


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