A Busy Weekend is Drawing to a Close

Friday night, we went to Grant and Alison’s Engagement Party dinner at Dead End BBQ and then to Toddy’s to hang out with them for a little bit longer. I needed to get home to bed at a decent hour so I could get up early and go with Mom to Atlanta to pick up Katie and some of her stuff.

Mom picked me up and we drove to Atlanta and then she and I went to Atlantic Center to go to the Bodies Exhibit. At first, it was kind of creepy, but the longer we were there, the cooler it got. I can’t really explain what it is (you can look at the hyperlink above), and you may be totally grossed out (and I was too when it started), but it was so neat and…if you can get there before the end of the summer…I totally recommend going to the exhibit. It was really mind blowing…and super weird.

When we picked up Katie, we helped her the last of her stuff out of her apartment. Then we went to lunch at Cheeseburger and Paradise with her and Courtney (after a small detour to the Phi Mu House at Georgia Tech, which was not the National Headquarters, that is actually located in Peachtree City) then drove home. After that big day, I went to bed to watch Project Runway and basically fell asleep before it was over.

Today, I went to the bridal show with my mom and sister. It was pretty fun. Last time I went with Steph (in January) and when I left, I had an eye twitch for a week. Today, I’m happy to say that that didn’t happen. We had some yummy snacks, drank some yummy drinks, took some cute pictures and then called it a day.

The main goal was to get my name on the mailing list for All Occasions Party Rentals because they send a 15% discount coupon through the mail, and I’m definitely going to put that to use. Other than that, I didn’t really see anything I couldn’t live without except for some different tanning packages and the information from Walker’s Formal Wear. I also finally met our DJ, Jim Ogle, and he seemed super cool. So I’m excited to meet with him in late January to start going over every thing.

After we left the bridal show, we went to White Lace & Promises so Katie could see my wedding dress, try on her bridesmaid dress and get her measurements done. All of that was a big success and Katie loved her dress. It looked so good on her.

After she got her dress all taken care of, I ordered our invitations. It was SOOOO stressful because I had to pick the font, the colors, the words, etc. for each little piece that went into the envelope to be mailed out. I’m pretty sure they will look good though and I’m excited about them. Especially because I trust my life (or my wedding) to White Lace. They really know what they are doing (and I’m not saying that because I sometimes work there, but they REALLY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING). Chasta, my little wedding planning fairy God mother, has been so great to help me make sure I’m covering all my bases and that I get everything exactly as I want it. She’s AWESOME.

So after an exhausting, but great weekend…I’m ready to start another week at my new job. šŸ™‚


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