The Dinner Menu is Updated

Ok, so you know we were having Spicy Mango Sweet Potato Chicken with Penne Pasta and Asparagus.

It was…OK. I mean, it wasn’t AWESOME and I probably won’t make it again…per the recipe, but it was ok. For starters, we used Penne pasta, which I think was a mistake. T thinks that it should have been made with rice instead, and I agree. But I also think that next time, I might forget the mango all together and then use less sweet potato too (I used one whole large sweet potato).

Also, what I nibbled on as I was putting the left overs away was definitely better than what was on my plate, leaving me to believe that it should sit and stew for a little bit before you eat it to give it time to soak all the juice into the meat and extras. So anyway, final review, it was just ok. The sauce was pretty good, but you could make that, add a little flour to turn it into a roux and then serve that on its own over chicken and be just fine.

I also made green beans instead of making asparagus, but we bought FRESH green beans and I made them by putting a little bit of my stored bacon fat in the pan and then a couple spoonfuls of butter and sauted them with salt and pepper. They were YUMMY (and I said, truly Southern).

I called it a Dinner Fail overall, T said it was fine, but we probably won’t make that exact recipe again…because it also took almost every dish we owned to put it together, which caused us to have ot run the dishwasher tonight. 🙂 Boo!

Monday: Vegetarian Reuben Sandwiches and Steamed Vegetables
As I mentioned before, the nutrition facts say that they aren’t that great for you (very high in calories), but we got a little lower calorie sharp cheddar cheese (instead of smoked) and we got Thousand Island Free Dressing (not free in cost, but free in other stuff…which is a lot lower in calories and fat). I’m kind of excited for these because we both love sauerkraut and I love normal Reubens so maybe they’ll be good. As a side, we’re doing zucchini, squash and mushrooms steamed.

Tuesday: NO MEAL

Wednesday: Hamburger Helper and Salad
Enough said basically, we’ll have salad with a few cut up mushrooms and some shredded cheese added. If the salad is no good, we’ll eat left over veggies.

Thursday: NO MEAL

Friday: Leftovers
Hopefully we will have some leftovers of some sort to eat on Friday, so we’ll just have to see where it goes from there.

Saturday: Cookout Goodies


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