I’m Making a Toast to New Friends and Old

This week has been so busy!  Even though it’s only Thursday, it feels like it should already be next Monday!

With the new schedule (my new job and working out in the evenings instead of the middle of the day), I’m so exhausted.  It’s a good thing I have a trainer to stay on me so I will actually go to the gym instead of wimping out…because when I do that, I kill myself the next time I go in and it’s counter productive.

Anyway, Monday we had dinner at home and Tuesday I went to Bonefish with the girls from my Junior League group.  It’s a little nerve wracking every time I do that, but I usually just have to push myself out of my comfort zone and jump in.  I’m usually pretty happy after I’ve done that and find that the get together was well worth it (even if the meal did cost me $30).  Yesterday I went to the gym with my trainer and was WORN out.  I don’t know if it was the heat, or what, but my workout was so hard and I could barely lift my arms when I got home.  Luckily, T made me dinner so I didn’t have to do ANYTHING besides shower.

Tonight, we’re going to a get together at the Mayor’s house…sort of a last farewell for everyone because as he was leaving office, everyone scattered.  We all left on different days to try to find something else.  So this is a last ditch effort to have us all in one place at the same time.

Work has been good, too.  It’s been an adjustment and every day I have a little twinge about whether or not I made the right choice.  As I’ve been told about 100 times, patience isn’t my best quality and it’s hard for me to come by.  I sort of expected to get in here and get RIGHT to work, but there has been a little bit of lag time.  Which, as a smart and intellectual person, I fully understand, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating for me.  I think, in the end, though, I made the right choice…because I needed to take a risk, make a professional move and do what was best for me in the long run.  This was definitely that.  I’m working with some great women and learning a lot of new programming, so it will only benefit me in the end, and deep down I know that.

T sent me a really sweet message on Monday because he knew I was struggling a bit. Apparently, this quote came up in his morning meeting and he thought it was something that he should share with me.  It said, “Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown.”  All of that is true, and it meant a lot to me that he would think to send that my way.  Trust me, I know how lucky I am.  But more importantly, it’s right.  I’m young and don’t have a lot to keep track of (basically, just myself and my fiance and our baby pets and our house) so its the time to take risks.  Right now the risk/reward ratio is favorable and you don’t get to say that for a long time.

With the cookout this weekend, we’re excited to get to hang out with all of our friends.  I also invited the Junior League girls in my group to attend, though I don’t know if any of them will.  But, it’s so great to be so blessed by all the family and friends we have around and I’m excited for what the next few months bring.


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