I’ve Seen Some Wedding Wonders

This week hasn’t been a very exciting wedding week with the exception of seeing our invitation proofs.  We didn’t have many changes to them (with the exception of the fonts that we changed in the beginning) besides changing an “and” to an “&” and “5th to Fifth” and then rewording the whole reception card to make sure everyone was aware that we were NOT providing a sit down meal of any kind (hors d’oeuvres ONLY).

Other than that, they looked great and I can’t wait to see them.  A friend of mine, the lovely Mary Martin–who I used to work with at the Mayor’s office–has kindly agreed to address our envelopes for us for free.  She is so sweet and excited that she’s already started looking for just the right pen to do it.  T and I are so lucky to have such great friends who are willing to help us out to keep costs down.

I have also been hounding T about the fact that I need him to dedicate a couple days to help me with some wedding things that will take a large portion of the day.  This resulted in some negotiating on our parts and we have decided to do two days of registering for wedding gifts on Sunday and one Saturday afternoon appointment to get T and his groomsmen’s tuxedos picked out from Walker’s Formalwear.  The compromise came in that I wanted to do all the registering and tuxedo fittings on ONE Saturday because I’m worried after the first day, T won’t want to go back out and do it again.  His argument was that he wouldn’t last a whole day of wedding stuff and he doesn’t want to take Saturday’s to do it.  So we’re splitting it up to Sundays with him doing the tuxedos on Saturday for me.

The other big item is that I’m trying to make the call on videography .  I’ve selected who I want, Ryan’s Production, and I’ve gotten the contract, but I haven’t sent a payment in yet (a deposit of $300 to book it and the remaining $500 two weeks before the wedding for 3.5 hours of coverage of the ceremony…which includes some pictures of time with the photographer, getting ready, the actual ceremony, more pictures and then leaving the church to go to the reception).  After I do that, we have to come up with 10-15 songs to send them so that they can put our CD to music.

Right now, I’m still not that overwhelmed or stressed out, but it is a tight line I walk right now. 🙂



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2 responses to “I’ve Seen Some Wedding Wonders

  1. look at you already with the compromise skills 🙂 also Ryan is so super kind. I am sure you will love your wedding video!!!

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