We Had a Lackluster Menu Week

So, while I had big plans for this week’s menu, things quickly took a turn down hill after Monday’s lasagna.  While the lasagna was good, it was too much for us…and, let’s face it, we’re meat eaters.  There just wasn’t enough to it…so, good, but not hearty enough for either one of us.  We unanimously decided that it would have been better if we had used the fatty ricotta and mozzarella cheeses and added meat in, defeating the purpose of the “skinny” vegetarian pesto lasagna.

On Tuesday, we had leftovers and that went as planned, but I ate more than I should have.  I came home from the gym to eat almost all of Tina’s remaining taco dip from the cook out (hey! my trainer said I needed protein…refried beans covered that, right?!), then I had a bowl of banana/chocolate cheerios and two pieces of toast with butter and jelly.  I also had maybe two glasses of milk and a skinny cow chocolate/chocolate ice cream sandwich.   Basically, I was starving and I stuffed my face.  Yuck.

Yesterday, I didn’t feel like going to the gym…I’m burning out a little bit (boo!) so I went to the mall to do some pre-registry scouting at Dillards, then went to Alumni Hall to scope out the new UT gear for the start of the season. I got T some presents to surprise him (a new game day polo and a really soft tshirt).  I also got Toby a toy, but she destroyed it three minutes after I brought it home.  Then T and I went back out to eat at Chez Govez and go to Barnes and Noble so he could get a fantasy football magazine and I could take him by Dillards to see what he thought of the bed spread I liked.  If he didn’t like it, I could knock Dillards off the registry list.  He didn’t like it.  So we’re starting with Bed, Bath & Beyond and going from there on Sunday.

Tonight…we are having the pork chop dish that is on the menu for this week.  Though, I’ve already messed it up because the pork chops were suppose to be coated with brown sugar and marinated in soy sauce for an hour, then put in the crock pot with cream of mushroom soup to cook all day on low.  Well, because I’m careless, I coated the pork chops with the brown sugar as instructed, but put both the soy sauce and the mushroom soup in the crock pot and mixed it up.  Then put the pork chops in to cook all day.  So we’ll see.  It will probably just be one, big soy-saucy mess.  If that’s so, we’ll eat more leftovers.

Who even knows what’s up for tomorrow, but I have my Junior League orientation on Saturday from 9:30 to 12:30 and then T and I are going to Walker’s to pick out our tuxes and then to White Lace to order them (he doesn’t know that last part yet). 🙂

However, I did put a new post up at The Pink Book.  So check it out.


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