Lifetime Commitment: Flatware

So, T and I did quite a few wedding things yesterday…two, really.

We picked out an ivory vest and tie for T in “vanilla” and then picked the black vest and ties for the other guys.  Also included are ivory shirts with black and silver cuff links. I am so excited to see T in his tux, he’s going to look so great!  If you know me at all, you know that I love clothes and I love picking out clothes and that I have a great eye for envisioning how something will look when it’s all put together even if I’m just looking at pictures and fabric samples, and I know that T is going to look amazing in the tuxedo, tie and vest we picked out.  In fact, I even told him that we would try to find some nice black flip flops for him to change into after we were done with pictures and all the important stuff at the reception.  I am probably going to gift my girls some black Old Navy flops if I can find them. 🙂

As I mentioned before, T had convinced me that we should split the registering up over several Sundays.  At first, I didn’t agree, but after we did the tuxedos, T got a wild hair and decided he could take doing the registering at Bed, Bath & Beyond too.  Whew!  It was fun at first, we picked out our place settings and flatware, then worked our way clockwise around the store.  By the time we got back around to dishes…I was exhausted and VERY overwhelmed.

I looked at my fiance and said, “You were so right!  I’m exhausted and do not thing I could register at another store today!” Jeeze.  After we left the store, I came home and got online to add the few things I had found on the B3 website while I was pre-shopping that we couldn’t find in the store.  I am happy to say now, that our registry is looking pretty strong.  Now we just have to decide what we need at Lowes and Target.

Anyway, T laughed at me while we were picking out our dishware because I told him, that picking out the things that we were going to be eating on for the rest of our lives freaked me out.  I was majorly stressed.  He said, “What about me?  You’re picking me out for the rest of your life.”  I’m not sure he understands that THAT is the easiest decision I could have made.  However, deciding what plates we are going to eat off of, what flatware we are going to use and what glasses we are going to drink from FOREVER, was a little bit stressful for me.

If you’re a southern woman, you know why.  In fact, I was so overwhelmed I picked a flatware set that could be purchased in a set that cost enough to mean that each 5-piece set (a total of 12) would be approximately 10 dollars.  Also, it was not listed in Oneida’s Top 10 Classics.  So when we got home, I got on Oneida’s website to find one that was…and luckily, the set we liked as much as the one we ended up picking, was one of the top ten, so we picked it…and I was able to put all the serving utensils that go with it on the registry too.

T thinks I’m crazy because I asked him if we could switch our pattern, but I’m not sure he understood the importance of flatware.  As a southern woman, the flatware pattern you choose will be with you for life.  We aren’t registering for fine china or crystal, so our flatware needs to be nice.  Also, it needs to be a pattern that can sustain the test of time…that will be classic and pretty, and replaceable.  Because once you pick a pattern…it’s yours forever.  Southern women don’t go picking out the Dover pattern (like my mom) and then switch to something more modern when the whimsy hits…you stick with your pattern.  Sort of like a Vera Bradley pattern, if you’re a Piccadilly Plum, you don’t switch to Pink Elephants just because you like it, even if Piccadilly Plum is discontinued.  It’s a serious thing to pick a pattern.

So while my lifetime commitment to T could be made tomorrow at the Court House without a second thought, the flatware pattern we’ll be eating off of for the duration of that time, is a stressful and overwhelming thing to pick out.


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  1. Here is the link to the Pink Book blog about my lifetime commitment to our flatware pattern:

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