I’m Here to Catch Up

So, for those of you (all four of you) who read my blog religiously to find out what we’re having for dinner and when we’re going grocery shopping, I apologize for not posting a menu this week.  We didn’t make one.

After a couple of weeks of lackluster (apparently my new favorite word) meals, we decided to really hit up the left overs and start from scratch.  Plus, T and I both had quite a few evening commitments this week, so we decided to call it a wash, just deal for the week and pick up the menu next week.  T already has an idea for our cheap night (he wants to combine it with vegetarian night): pinto beans and corn bread…which is just fine with me.

Anyway, not a lot is going on this week except for that I’ve been tweaking our registries online.  So far, we have the Bed, Bath and Beyond registry done and I’ve started the Target registry online…meaning that we just have to go to the store to walk through with the gun to hit anything I couldn’t think of online.

I’ve also determined that we can’t register at Lowes because they don’t have a registry.  So now we have to decide if we want to register at Sears or just encourage people to send Lowes gift cards.  Not a huge decision, but one that must be made nonetheless.

As far as my workouts go, I did a pump class on Monday at the North Court South location before going to have dinner with Krissy and the lady friends from the Mayor’s office.  I didn’t go yesterday because my new co-workers had a cocktail hour at Calhoun’s to celebrate the August birthdays.  I’m meeting with my trainer tonight, but seriously strained my back on the left side sometime between blow drying my hair this morning and getting in the car.  By “seriously strained” I mean that I had to go to Walgreens at 11 a.m. to get a pack of icy-hot patches.  While they haven’t help much, they’ve been moderately comforting.  By “moderately” I mean hardly at all.  Hopefully, John the Trainer will take it easy on me, but still provide a beneficial and worth while workout, though I have no idea how since I can’t turn or look to the left because my back, webMD calls it the latissimus dorsi muscle, is in serious pain.  I’d like to take yoga tomorrow at 5, but we’ll see how it goes tonight.

I’ve added it up and since I joined the gym (52 days ago), I’ve been there for a workout of some kind lasting at least 30 minutes 30 times.  Which is more than half…so I’m pretty proud of that.  I will admit that in the first 26 days (July) I went 18 times (meaning I only took Saturday and Sunday off).  In the 25 days of August, I’ve been 12 times…not as good, but still averaging three days a week.  If I can keep that up, and get it back to an average more like four days a week, I think I’ll be in good shape, literally and figuratively.


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