We’ve Set The Dinner Menu For the Pre-UT Football Weekend

OK, so we’ve set the menu for this week…and I’ve got to say…it’s a good one.  We have two days where we’ll be eating leftovers and not having a special meal: Tuesday and Thursday.

Tuesday T and I are going to a reception for the new Introduction Knoxville class, but we’ll eat left overs from Sunday and Monday.  Thursday, I’ll be working late at UT for the Life of the Mind Lecture from Tracy Kidder.  Should be kind of neat, and I’m exciting about a late event with the new team.

T and I actually ran into my new supervisor at Kroger today.  I was glad she got to meet him.  It was really funny because I saw this girl in the parking lot and said, “That’s a pretty dress she has on.” T agreed and then I heard the lady beside her say my name. It was Karen and the girl whose dress I liked was her daughter.  We talked for a few minutes then parted ways. Pretty funny. Small world.

So, on to dinner for the week.

Tonight: Parmesan-Crusted Chicken in Cream Sauce with Brown Rice and Sugar Snap Peas and Mushrooms

The recipe for the chicken comes, of course, from allrecipes.com.  The brown rice is instant and instead of asparagus, we’re doing sugar snap peas with a recipe from cooks.com, it combines the peas with mushrooms, which works because we bought some this week.  I don’t usually like this website as much as allrecipes.com, but sometimes it comes through.

Tomorrow: Pinto Beans and Cornbread

We are doing a crock-pot pinto bean recipe and then I’m making my yummy, yummy cornbread from scratch.  I wanted to do a different cornbread recipe that included cream corn, but T wanted the regular old staple, so we’re doing that.

Tuesday: NO MEAL.

We’re having leftovers because we have the Introduction Knoxville reception.  They usually have some yummy drinks and finger food, so we’re going to eat there and then, if we’re still hungry when we get home, will have yummy pinto beans and cornbread to munch on.

Wednesday: Manicotti

The manicotti recipe I usually make is from my Stepmother (ex-Stepmother now).  It’s pretty good and your basic recipe.  She usually suggests putting black olives in the manicotti mix, but I don’t like black olives so I usually leave them out…this time I’m using mushrooms and we got an Italian sausage and garlic spaghetti sauce, to give it a little more FLAVOR!

Thursday: Leftovers.

T will be on his own for dinner on Thursday because I have to work late at that event, but he’ll have a choice of manicotti, pinto beans and cornbread, lasagna from last week (which we still have a ton of) or he can make a sandwich and have chips.

Friday: No idea…tailgating prep.

So, Friday is the day before the first tailgate of the season…so we probably won’t cook dinner because we’ll have a ton of leftovers to eat.  We also won’t know who is coming to stay with us so it will be up in the air.  For Saturday we are doing hot dogs and hamburgers.  T and I are going to take the left over hamburger patties from our cookout and supplying the buns.  I’m also making cup cakes for Louis’ birthday and then Sunday we’re going to dinner with Louis and Crystal and everyone to celebrate Lou turning 30!  Should be a fun weekend.  Supposedly it’s suppose to be 87 on Saturday, which is a lot more bearable than 95, but we’ll see.

For my cupcakes, I think I’m going to do white cake with white icing, but I’m going to put orange food coloring in the cake so that it will be themed.  I might do some with the white cake and the orange icing…should be good.  I am so excited!

So that’s the schedule and the menu this week.  I have training on Monday (which is good because the pinto beans go in the crock pot and the corn bread won’t take that long to make).  I’ll take a body pump class on Tuesday and do my free weights/ab circuits on Wednesday.  Thursday I was planning to take yoga (but don’t think I’ll be able to because of the after work event) so, because I’m off on Friday, I’m going to try out a Pilates class at 10:30.  I obviously won’t be able to go to the gym on Saturday, but will hopefully get in at least four days at the gym next week. We shall see. 🙂

Also good news, I get paid on Tuesday…so that will be awesome.  And while I’m off on Friday, I’ll be taking April to the bridal store and doing her measurements for her bridesmaid’s dress.  Should be a good week!


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