We Finally Had An Afternoon in Big Orange Country

Well…it’s finally here…it’s FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!

T is so excited, he’s like a kid on Christmas trying to keep himself busy tonight with going over our list of things to take to the tailgate tomorrow and working on his fantasy football draft numbers.  I know he can’t wait and I’m so happy to be a part of that for him again this year.  When he wakes up tomorrow morning, he’s going to be so ready to get down to campus (for the 6:00 p.m. game) and hang with our friends.

The weather for tomorrow is supposed to be great.  During the day tomorrow it’s suppose to be a high of 59 and sunny and low of 54 as we get into kickoff.  We couldn’t ask for better weather to kick-start football season.

This year, we’ve been displaced from our tailgating spot and so are all a little bit nervous about how we are going to like our new home.  Before, we tailgated right by the rock (two years ago), then by the former home of the rock (last year) and this year, because the former home of the rock is under construction to build the new student health center, we have decided to move down to Fiji Island.

Though we had mixed feelings about the move, these are the pros of moving to Fiji Island:

  1. There is lots of grass underfoot, something we all decided was a necessity for our tailgating style.
  2. The actual tailgating area is close to the car and makes for easy drop off and pick up of tailgating materials.
  3. There are other equally die-hard volunteer fans around us to help make the day awesome.
  4. There is usually very little bothersome patrolling going on through that area.

The cons were:

  1. We were moved a great distance from the bathrooms we were used to using (real bathrooms, not porta potties).
  2. Though drop off was easy, it wasn’t as easy as the spot we had before.
  3. It might be overcrowded as the construction on campus has (most likely) displaced quite a few tailgaters.
  4. There might be activities going on that could disrupt our tailgating experience (ie. sorority and fraternity events, philanthropic activities, etc.)
  5. It was a lot farther away from the bathrooms we were used to using (note that I mentioned this twice, because we’re really worried about it).

At any rate, we’re all super excited to try out the new spot…I think it’s going to be just fine.  Hey, we might even make some new friends.  Plus, I just had a major realization today that we might be able to use the bathrooms in TRECS, which are actually better than the bathrooms we were using in Stokely Athletic Center…so it might just be better for everyone!  Also, because I am on campus now, I can meet whoever is dropping off the car full of stuff on campus and drive them home (ie. I can meet Louis on campus where he can park his car in a metered spot and leave it overnight and then I can drive him home so that when he comes to campus in the morning with Shaun, the car is already there, pretty close to our spot!).

So, I’m looking forward to tomorrow to see how it’s going to go.

It’s Louis’ birthday tomorrow…the BIG 30!  So I made orange cupcakes (I used Fanta instead of water and added food coloring…six of the cupcakes are really orange, 12 of them are basically plain old cup cakes, but they’ll get orange icing tomorrow morning…also, they are charbroiled on the bottom because I used dumb old paper cupcake liners instead of the aluminum ones like I knew I should, but regardless, the cake is good and it’s the effort that counts…I’ll try them again next week since it will be Shane’s 30th birthday).

I took off today to do some wedding things.  So I slept late and then got up this morning, had a yummy breakfast of Banana Nut and Chocolate Cheerios (you can’t buy them like this…you basically have to buy both the Banana Nut and the Chocolate Cheerios and then mix them half and half in your bowl.  It’s so yummy.  Like a banana split for breakfast and, now, just about the only cereal I want to eat, ever!).  Then I went to Yoga at the Court South in Alcoa.  I had originally planned to take a Pilates class at the Court South out West, but because the months changed over in the middle of the week, the Pilates class got dropped from the schedule and I went to take yoga in Alcoa.  Little did I know that the 10:30 Friday Yoga Class at Court South Alcoa was the geriatric class.  No joke…I was the youngest person there by 50 years.  I mean, don’t get me wrong…it made me feel good that I was way more bendy than those old fogies, but also made me reflective to think…I hope I can bend like that when I’m 70.  You go seniors!

I left there, came home, showered, then started my day of wedding things in big orange country.  I went by All Occasions to turn in a mail coupon to get 15% off of the remainder of our deposit, which saved us a little bit (every little bit counts).  I also took my wedding shoes in to make sure that the ties and table runners I had picked out matched them (they did!) and then I changed my basic linens from white to ivory, just because that seems to be the way we’re going anyway.

After that, I went to White Lace to try on my wedding dress (again!) because I was helping April pick her bridesmaids dress size and she’d never seen the dress (and, let’s face it, because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE putting it on).  Well anyway, April looked great in the bridesmaids dress, just reinforcing that I made a great decision there.  And she got all teary eyed when I walked out of the dressing room, just reinforcing that I made a great decision in asking her to be my matron of honor (old married hag…jk LOVE YOU SIS :)).  *I also picked up my second batch of invitations. After that, we went for lunch at Brixx (where I had a very yummy Sunny Margarita…hey, it was my day off!), took a jaunt around the mall to get her a UT shirt and she bullied me into splitting the “Buy 3, Get 3 Free” Deal at Bath and Body Works.

After we left the mall, an ran into just about all the traffic in the state, I called Louis to meet me on campus, took him home, got myself home…and have just finished with the grocery shopping and making my cupcakes (they are in the microwave on a plate so they can cool appropriately tonight to be iced first thing in the morning).

It was basically a great day, even though I’m exhausted right now.  Every time I’m in my dress, I love it more and more.  I know I made the right choice in it because every time I see it, I can’t help but think “T is just going to love this.  He’s really going to die when he sees me in this.”  And then I think, “When he sees me in this, I’m going to be seeing him in his tux and it’s going to be perfect.” Then I think, “We’ll be getting married.”  It’s just so overwhelming and so wonderful.  I feel beautiful in it and can’t wait for him to see it.

*Second batch of invitations explained: Apparently when my first batch of 250 invitations got delivered to White Lace and Promises, the box was in disarray.  The only explanation was that in its trip from Carleson Craft to White Lace and Promises, something happened on the delivery truck and the box was DESTROYED.  So the delivery people did the best they could to repackage the invitation pieces and get them to White Lace.  Well, “the best they could” wasn’t good enough for the WLP team.  They were so mad that my invitations were messed up…by messed up I mean, probably 50 invitations were creased in the middle, ripped, smudged with dirt/mud…just literally unusable.  So WLP called Carleson Craft, had another order sent and now I have 500 invitations…well really more like 400-450 invitations because of the pieces that are ruined from the delivery mishap.  Most people would see this as a major crisis situation, but not me, I’m overjoyed because now I don’t have to stress about if we have five more people pop up on the guest list and we go over the 250 invitation number, I also don’t have to worry about if an envelope gets messed up or something rips because I basically have infinity invitations.  So, it’s all good.


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  1. lindsey

    Abbey don’t worry about bathrooms, there are really nice ones across the street at the rec center. Sorry I can’t remember exactly what its called bc its been way to long, but where you work out ha. We have tailgated there many times 🙂

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