Labor Day Weekend Was Wonderful

What a great weekend this was!  After all the wedding fun on Friday, we had an awesome Saturday and Sunday.

The weather could not have been more perfect for tailgating.  It wasn’t too hot, wasn’t too cold.  We had a great spread that included burgers and buns with the fixing, wings (both homemade and store-bought), french fries, cupcakes, chips and lots and lots of “libations” :).  The day FLEW by, time for kickoff came, it seemed, right after we set up.

The new spot worked out awesomely.  With the TRECS bathroom right across the street and our own little “island” outside of Fiji Island was great. We had some of our normal “seasonal” house guests come by on Saturday after the game and I was so pleased that they liked the updates to the house…the woman’s touch if you will.  We were missing Wes this week, but he’ll be in next Friday in full force! All in all, we viewed the weekend as a real success and are pumped to do it again next week.

Here are some pictures of the weekend:

Our ultimate tailgate set up on our own little island.

Me and Crystal getting the day off to a good start.

Perry admitting TWO defeats...which really means FOUR.

After all the great tailgating festivities, we went to the stadium.

The crowded! Love all that ORANGE!

Coach Double D waiting at the ready.

The jumbo tron from our seats with our guys getting pumped up.

Bruce Pearl real close to us.

A sweet picture of me and T in our seats at the stadium.

I tried this picture a couple of times...

As you can see...T got annoyed, but I think this is MY best picture of the lot.

The boys on OUR sideline!

My arch nemisis...the TV time out guy!

A little team huddle!

Flavor Flav Smokey!

On Sunday, we had a great pool day and the birthday boy, Louis, cooked us up some Bratwurst before we all went home to shower and get ready for a night out on the town for Boomsday and his 30th birthday.  We went to Zach’s apartment at 11th place and then went to watch the fireworks on the bridge going over World’s Fair Park.  Then we went to Preservation Pub and Bailey’s.  We all shared a cab back home and had a great night.  I think Lou did pretty well for the 30th birthday celebration…next week we’ll do it for Dr. Boone!

Today we’re going to take it easy and get the house a little picked up.  I’m working with my trainer at 1 and then after that, I suppose we’ll make the much-anticipated menu for the week and do our grocery shopping.

ps. After this weekend, I was really pleased to learn that a lot of our friends at least look at the blog, even if they don’t read everything…I appreciate that a lot because T and I feel so blessed to have such great friends and family and are so thankful that you are all interested in what we’re doing.  We can’t wait to see you all at the wedding, and hopefully, sometime before then.  Love to all!

pps. I also posted a new blog at  Check it out here!


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