The Menu Has Been a Great Success…The Deck Has Not

This week has been pretty good.  For starters our steaks on Monday were awesome.  My grill-master fiance did a great job preparing them with a little bit of EVOO and a grill shaker and I made that great potato recipe from and we had an amazing salad with some chopped mushrooms and carrots.

The steak and potatoes were even better (if that’s even possible) reheated for lunch the next day.  Tuesday we had no dinner because of my Junior League meeting.  That was fun and I enjoyed it, but I was so tired I came home after and went to bed before 9:00 while T was doing his Fantasy Football draft.

About tonight’s dinner…to begin, Mom, you were soooo, SO wrong.  Pizza night was a great success.  It was so yummy.  Granted, the pizza crust was Pillsbury, so the pizza probably wasn’t great for us…but it was VERY good.  We started with the basic crust rolled out onto the pizza stone and formed into a pizza with a little crust rim.  Then we used the last of the Italian Sausage spaghetti sauce from last week and then sliced fresh mozzarella to put on it.  T’s half had black olives and pepperoni (lots and lots of pepperoni) and my side had lots of cheese with a couple of pepperonis thrown in.

Here are some pictures to illustrate how good the pizza looked and how we enjoyed dinner. 🙂

T couldn’t wait to eat and he already had taken bites before I got to the table…yes, we still eat at the coffee table because I don’t love our kitchen table.  I can’t wait until we can get a new one to go with the fabulous place settings we picked out while registering.

Here’s my yummy slices…so good.

I was smart enough to save my last piece to eat tomorrow, but after T finished his half he said, “I’m going to eat your last slice of pizza and there’s nothing you can do about it!”  So I said, “Fine, honey, go ahead.  You can have it.”  Usually that works and he decides he doesn’t want it, but he ate it anyway…which proves that the pizza actually was good, so it didn’t work.

Next time, I’m going to try to make the dough myself in the bread maker…which was the original plan for this week, but we weren’t sure how long it would have to knead before it was ready to cook and I wasn’t sure how long it was going to have to cook…so this was a great way to test the waters, so to speak.

Now…onto the deck…which has not been a great success.

I came home after my workout today.  I got home right before T, so I went to the back porch and let Toby in.  I decided to throw the ball for her a little bit, but noticed that she slipped at the top of the stairs before she went down, then went down slowly, which is not the norm for our crazy dog.  She usually bounds down the stairs with no worry about her body or anyone in her way.  Noticing that, I was worried that she hurt herself so I walked to the edge of the deck and hollered for her to come back upstairs.  She bounced around in the yard for a little bit and then finally came up, but not before I noticed that the bottom edge of the stairs was dangling freely from the top of the deck.

After I got a very excited, and not at all hurt, Toby into the house, I went to the back yard from the front of the house and this is what I saw:

From here, the deck stairs look fairly normal.  But if you look closely, they look a little bit off.

If you were up close, this is what you’d see…awesome right?  This little gaffe is causing the slippage of the entire stairs, all the way up to the side of the house.

This one illustrates how the other side of the bottom set of stairs is also coming apart…this is not good for us.  And to top it all off, Toby wanted nothing more than to be outside tonight…poor thing.  She gets to stay inside all day tomorrow because I don’t want her going up and down the dangling stairs with protruding nails.  Yucko!  Hopefully we can get someone there by this weekend to take care of it.

So, in summary, awesome menu this week…which gives me high hopes for tomorrow’s BBQ Chicken and Corn on the Cob, but yucko week in terms of the deck being messed up…but on a high note, the carpenter will probably be able to fix our wobbly banister in the upstairs hallway! So yeah!


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One response to “The Menu Has Been a Great Success…The Deck Has Not

  1. Kathy Taylor

    Glad the pizza turned out so well! Do you deliver?

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