I’ve Got Updates on This Week’s Menu…

Dinner this week went pretty well with a few exceptions.  I’m posting now because I’m done cooking for the week, thank goodness for that after last night’s debacle.

The meatloaves turned out amazing on Monday and the mashed potatoes were to die for.  I am pretty certain I’m done trying to make the “skinny garlic mashed potatoes” I tried early on  in this dinner escapade, because the ones I made Monday, REAL ones, were so good.  I used two whole potatoes and then added 1/4 butter stick and then cream cheese, a little bit of milk and some sour cream.  After I seasoned them with salt and pepper, they were absolutely to die for.  They went amazingly with the peas and mini meatloaves.  The only issue with Monday is that Tanner told me not to try a new meatloaf recipe because he liked the other one so much.  Obviously, I didn’t listen to him and tried it anyway, they turned out so good.  At first he didn’t know the difference, even said, “See, you’ve got it down. This recipe is sure-fire.  That’s why we don’t need to use the new recipe.”  So, stupidly, I told him I had tried the new recipe anyway.  (Obviously, I’m slow on this wifely learning curve of keeping my fiance in the dark when its for his own good! :)).

Tuesday, the pork chops were good except for that when Tanner bit into them he was expecting the Graham Cracker Crusted Pork Chops and not the Parmesan Sage ones he asked for.  In all fairness, I might have misunderstood which recipe he wanted, because looking back sweet potatoes go well with the graham cracker recipe.  I did the sweet potato/butternut squash mash and it turned out fine except for that butternut squashes are a pain in the @$$ to peel and cube.  Plus, I used two sweet potatoes and so we now have S.P.B.N.S. Mash coming out of our ears and will be eating it until Thanksgiving.  I will probably will try to lose that recipe (a. because the butternut squash cost approximately $54 at the grocery store and b. because it tasted basically like sweet potatoes and c. because it was just ok–regular sweet potatoes would have been superior).

Yesterday was a disaster.  I don’t know if that’s because I was kind of in a bad mood when I got home and was distracted, even though I had a great workout and was feeling pretty good.  If you remember correctly, yesterday was supposed to be the Mahi Mahi night…and it was.  The epic fail that was dinner began when I burned all but a handful (about six slices) of the zucchini we were planning to have with the meal.  (Side note: not a huge deal because zucchini only costs about 1 penny.) After I threw out the majority (read: all) of the zucchini, I had to heat up the dubious butternut squash/sweet potato mash so we would have a little more substance with dinner.  Then I did the fish, in the same pan as the zucchini after I had cleaned it out.  Side one of the Mahi Mahi turned out well, then, of course, I got over ambitious and confident by trying to set the table while it was finishing up…well, the result was a charred half side of Mahi Mahi.  Dammit!  After I plated the burnt zucchini, the never-ending sweet potato/butternut squash mash (I mean, what was I thinking…who chooses to cook something categorized as “mash” unless its hash browns?!), the white rice (done by Tanner in a boil-a-bag, and turned out famously), and my charbroiled Mahi Mahi…I started on the sauce.  Of course, it turned out fine, but I wouldn’t know because I stirred it with my fork to simmer the boil, then stuck the fork directly in my mouth to taste it (read: burn my tongue off).

You would thing the fail could end because the food was plated and put on the table, but no.  I wanted to continue my run and see how big of a mess I could make in our tiny little kitchen.  I tried to be a sweet little fiance because Tanner had such a long day and set pour him a glass of his freshly brewed tea (with a very specific recipe that he has perfected over a number of years).  Well the gods smiled upon me as I spilled maybe two cups of his tea onto our kitchen floor as I poured his glass.  “Why keep pouring after the first major drippage?” you ask.  Because I was already on the train and just needed to get to the station come hell or high water.

So yesterdays dinner, in my opinion, was an epic fail, though my sweet, sweet Tanner said, “I think the fish is prepared very well.”  And it was, very well done. 😦  After that, I basically went to bed to sulk and Tanner went to meet his buddies at Toddy’s.  I enjoyed the night watching Rachel Zoe try to determine if she’s going to have a baby and wishing I had a job like hers.

This morning, I was still a little off, but quickly shook it after my shower and putting on one of my new favorite dresses from the Kohl’s Lauren Conrad collection and mentally preparing for dinner tonight at the Melting Pot.  (ps. If you’re not a member of Club Fondue, you should be.  Basically, they send you coupons on your birthday for free dessert…so, no brainer, sign up!)

Plus, it’s birthday weekend!  For those of you who know me, this year has certainly been an anomaly in the Abbey Taylor’s birthday preparations.  My birthday totally snuck up on me this year, probably because of all the wedding planning…but on Saturday, I will be ready to celebrate and am pumped about going home to spend the day with my mom, Tanner, Katie and Courtney for a yummy, meal to be determined dinner with my favorites!

So, closing advice: sometimes dinners fail, but if you love cooking then keep your head up.  Everyone has a day like that (like my mom almost always burns a batch of four grilled cheese sandwiches before she gets the second batch done perfectly).  To get the spark going again, even though we’re probably just going to do an easy week next week to try to clean out the fridge, I will probably try to sneak this meal in…Paprika Chicken with Mushrooms and Mashed Potatoes.  I like paprika, but only ever use it on deviled eggs, so maybe it will be good.  Back on the horse, so to speak!


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