The Vols Got a “W”

So…yesterday was the UT/UAB game.  I can’t lie in saying that Tanner and I were happy that we weren’t tailgating for a number of reasons: 1) because the weather was supposed to be sort of rainy and 2) because the game was so early that it would have been a lot of work to set up and cook for just a couple of hours of tailgating and 3) because this was the fourth game this month and we were EXhausted!

Despite the fact that we weren’t tailgating, we still had a pretty fun day planned.  We were going to ride to the game with Crystal and Louis and then go to a bar on campus for a little bit then head to the game and then meet up with them again after the game and figure out what to do from there.

So we got up, got dressed and had some breakfast.  Crystal and Louis were going to pick us up at our house and then we’d proceed with our plans as, well, planned.  However, Crystal and Louis were running a little bit late so Louis texted Tanner to say, why don’t you just meet us here, I’m waiting on Crystal to get ready.  Tanner and I thought “here” meant Louis’ house, so we got into the car and headed over there.  We had just finished getting gas when Louis called me to see if we were on our way.  I said, “Yeah, we just left the house, so we’ll be there in a few minutes.”  Now, Louis lives over near the mall, so it’s about a 10 minute drive or less.  We pull up to Louis’ house and see Crystal’s car.  So we rang the door bell and waited for a little bit.  After a couple of times of ringing the doorbell, I asked if Louis’ car was there.  It’s wasn’t.  So we called Louis, and he said, “Oh!  You’re at my house?!  We’re at Crystal’s.”

So Tanner and I got BACK in the car and drove to Crystal’s house (which is only about 5 minutes from our house).  When we got in Louis’ car and got ready to head to the game, Louis realized he forgot his drink AND his glasses.  So, because we were already bumping into our time to go to a bar, we decided to go ahead BACK to Louis’ house to get his glasses so he could at least SEE the game.  When we got BACK to Louis’ he went in to get his drink and his glasses.  He came out with the drinks, but then realized his glasses were BACK at Crystal’s house in his bag.  So, needless to say, we started laughing hysterically, but decided that Louis didn’t REALLY NEED his glasses, so we went on to the game.

When we got to the game, with fairly little trouble, Tanner and I went to look for some food.  Tanner got a Smokey Dog and I wanted a burger.  Easy enough, right?  The hot dog concession is right across from the concession that does burgers, so it should have been an easy get. SHOULD.  So I got Tanner’s Smokey Dog and went to get my cheeseburger…they were out.  So I went in search of one.  After walking about five concourses over, I found one that had Cheeseburgers and stood in line (for about 20 minutes).  When I finally got my burger, I headed back to my seat for a very exiting game (needless to say, it shouldn’t have been that exciting against UAB, but it was a good game to watch).  After we left the game, we went to Rooster’s to watch the Auburn/South Carolina game.  We stayed there super late and ate pizza, fries, potato skins and mozzarella sticks.

After we had had our fill at Roosters, I drove Louis and Crystal to Crystal’s house and then Tanner and I got home to our house.  We went to bed after having a Peanut Butter/Jelly Sandwich (me) and some American Cheese slices and cake (Tanner).  We slept super late this morning and then got up to get ready to prepare our menu and grocery list and then take my car to Best Buy to get my satellite radio installed.

Overall, despite that we had some trouble getting our day started and the game was a lot more worrisome than it should have been, we had a great day with two GREAT friends and even had a cameo from Erica and Radle.  So I’m happy the day turned out the way it did. It was so much fun!

Here are some pictures from our Saturday Funday at the game and Roosters:

Me and Tanner in front of the stadium.

Friends in front of the stadium, (Louis, Crystal, Tanner and me)

Cute little girl with side pony and big bow!

Traditional Abbey-Tanner stadium self-shot! 🙂

Dark skies looming...

The winning catch...

The winning team celbrating! Go Vols!

BFFs at Rooster's

Boy BFFs at Roosters!


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