I’m Recapping Dinner this Week

So…the menu has worked out pretty well this week.

Sunday night we DID have Spaghetti and garlic bread.  It was yummy and just what we wanted.  We even have enough spaghetti sauce left over for spaghetti sandwiches this weekend or next week (ALWAYS a plus).

Monday night we had the grilled cheddar-stuffed chicken with Spanish rice and red beans.  While the chicken turned out pretty well–it was tender and juicy and gooey and not all that bad for us (seasoned with salt and pepper, flattened and rolled around shredded cheddar cheese)–but I didn’t love the meal as a whole.  The chicken was baked instead of grilled because the weather was yucky out and because I wasn’t convinced that the cheese wouldn’t just goo all over the grill (and since it melted goo all over my casserole pan, I’m glad we went that direction).  I didn’t LOVE the Zatarains Spanish rice and red bean combo either.  It was a little bit too spicy for me and not as good as Tanner’s black beans and rice and (as we usually try to stay clear of prepackaged things that are WAY high in sodium) it wasn’t that great for us anyway.

Tuesday night we did the Pork Chops in Country Onion Gravy with new potatoes and carrots.  The carrots were a BIG hit and turned out really well.  Just sweet enough to be a treat, but not having so much gunk in them that they weren’t (at least sort of) good for us.  The potatoes were a disaster.  I steamed them in the microwave as instructed then Tanner prepared them to go on the grill…in the time they were on the grill, they didn’t get cooked (so obviously the steaming didn’t work in the microwave–ps. I hate our microwave).  So neither one of us ate those potatoes really, because they were basically RAW.  So I boiled them (with the herbs on them and all) and then mashed them to try to save them for dinner the next night.  Tanner said it worked out ok, he kind of liked the herby mashed potatoes, but I think they had already sort of be spoiled in my mind and I didn’t like them raw, steamed, boiled or mashed!

Last night we did the vegetable frittata.  I LOVED it, but it made a lot of food.  Enough to feed a small family of, say, four people, but we are only two…so it was too much food for us.  Tanner didn’t love it.  He blamed the broccoli so we may try it again in the future with onions (gasp! I know…because I HATE onions), carrots and cheese for sure.  Then try to do “sides” like with our pizzas because it’s pretty easy to do since you arrange everything you’ve cooked onto the bottom of the skillet before you pour the egg over to let it cook.  On Tanner’s side he wants spinach, mushrooms, peppers, onions and the like.  On my side I liked the broccoli and onions and carrots as they were, but think mushrooms would be a good addition and I could tolerate spinach, but sort of prefer the broccoli.  To supplement the frittata, we had the remashed herby potatoes and some left over carrots and buttered garlic bread.

We ended up throwing out most of the frittata because (I had two pieces and Tanner had one), there was so much left over.  I kept two slices for breakfast this morning, but then never got around to eating them.  I went out for lunch today at Nama with April for a late, late birthday celebration, but was still a little hungry (SHOCKER, no breakfast except for the exceptionally yummy spiced Tang tea I brought, and only one sushi roll, a cucumber salad and a measly bowl of miso soup for lunch left me starving) so I ate it for a late, late lunch at about 2:30 p.m.  I zapped it in the company microwave for about a minute and, even though it smelled like reheated Chinese food and was hotter than the fires of hell, added a little bit of ketchup.  It was satisfying enough that I was disappointed to have thrown out so much of it yesterday (even though I know it was really only a few broccoli pieces and some shredded carrots and onion with the equivalent of a handful of shredded cheese and two eggs and that I would be so over it after eating it for lunch that I wouldn’t want to eat anymore of it anyway).

Tonight is the fish dish…and we’re doing pretty well.  The veggies will be good because it is just peas and mushrooms from a steamer and the fish is a typical breaded fish.  I think the lime sauce will really kick it up a notch and we still have a few carrots left over from earlier in the week…so that will be yummy.

Also good news on the dinner front is that I got my new cookbook in the mail this week.  So hopefully we’ll find some yummy, low calorie meals there as well!


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  1. Debi Johnson

    Abbey I have loved your blogging. You are so cute. Send me your email address. sunshine and smiles DEB

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