It’s Been a While and We’re Back

Hello all you faithful blog followers, if you’re still out there!

I apologize for not posting anything in a while.  We’ve been quite busy and our menu, I’m sorry to say has been quite boring, and even non-existent.  We’re even falling into old patterns of just scrounging around for dinner options because we haven’t been home much in the evenings at the same time.

My new job (old now because I’ve been working there for a while, but still new) has a lot of evening events in the fall, obviously, that coincide with campus traditions and alumni visiting the campus (for games and such).  I’m lucky enough to get to help out with planning and logistics of some of those events and so also have the pleasure of working them.

To catch up, there’s been a little bit of wedding stuff going on the past few weeks.  And I do mean a little bit because I’m still pretty much in the planning stalemate before I have to really get back into the swing of things.  I stuffed all the invitations while Tanner watched the LSU/UT game (heartbreaking, I know…we won’t talk about it), and they look great!  I just have to go through and number the reply cards and then put stamps on the return RSVP envelopes.  I’d like to have our guest list basically finalized by mid-November, then give the envelopes to the amazing Mary Martin to address for me.  I’m planning to send those out on January 17th. I’ve also designed the invitations for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, but won’t order those for another month or so because the guest list isn’t totally finalized yet.  They will be sent out a couple of weeks after the invitations go out.

I think that Mom has also gotten her dress (or we’re moving in the direction of finding something she really likes) and have a couple of options on hand.  Silvia ordered her dress last weekend (shoes, dress, jacket/shawl, purse and jewelry) from White Lace and Promises.  Duh!  Chasta Foust is about the best ever and she’s my BFF/wedding coordinator and I’m so happy to have her before she becomes famous for it and costs a million dollars!

I’ve also finished with my gifts for my bridesmaids, and I’m pretty sure I know what Tanner’s going to get his groomsmen, but we haven’t ordered them yet.  I must say, my bridesmaids are getting the hook up and I think they are really going to like what I’ve picked out for them.  I know I do, and I’m super pumped about it.

We’ve also started planning showers. (Well, I haven’t planned them, but have been starting to help coordinate guest lists for those.) It’s also rumored that some friends have started solidifying plans for my bachelorette weekend in Atlanta (Nov. 6th).  So it’s all getting very exciting.

Tanner is in New Orleans this weekend for his bachelor weekend.  I’m praying he comes back alive, but I’m excited for him because I know he’s been looking forward to this trip for a while.  Also, it means that I get to paint the office (with help selecting the paint color from the amazing Lita Belcher) and my mom is going to come over and help me do it (bless her!) and then we’re going to Messiah for church on Sunday.  All good things.

Speaking of Messiah, we’ve also done our first marriage counseling session (just had to take a test and we’re waiting on the results to see how compatible our answers were).

I know that was kind of a whirlwind catch up, but there will be more coming soon (I promise) about the office and all the fun things that will happen in that room as I try to get it put together.  Wish me luck!


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