The Office is Gray

….our office, not The Office, is finally gray.  I’ve been wanting to paint the office for a while now (desired only just a little bit more than wanting to get my kitchen back splash tiled) because I had this great vision for the office to become a “UT room” where Tanner and I can store all our memorabilia and pictures from the games and all that stuff.  Tanner swears it’s just my way of getting him to put all his UT things into one room out of the way but (while I think that’s an added bonus) that isn’t true.  I’m actually VERY excited about the prospect of what this room can become.  I think it will be a fun room of ours (especially since we sometimes have UT fans staying on an air mattress in there).  **Here’s keeping my fingers crossed that RayRay really does come through with that UT quilt! Haha! (Side note: RayRay hates quilts).**

For that room I envision UT pictures on the walls (I got Tanner two great Charlie Daniel prints from the UT bookstore for his birthday) our sorority/fraternity paddles, our UT engagement pictures, pictures of us from tailgating and the like…pretty much just any picture that relates to UT or has orange in it I envision in that room.  I think it could be a lot of fun.  Especially as the orange touches get added.  To start it off, I put my Phil Fulmer signed orange football up in there with a foam thing Tanner had from a basketball game.  I also, though they are lacking a little bit in the taste department, ordered this window treatment for the room as well…

I figure if we're going there...we may as well go all out. When funds are more readily available, I may purchase one more valance just in case we move and the room has TWO windows instead of the one the office currently boasts.

I also bought a metal trashcan to replace the Michigan one Tanner had in the office when I moved in (I’m pretty sure we’re going to give that to our across the street neighbor Dave) and got a Tennessee mouse pad to replace the one Tanner had on the desk (it was for a band…Sublime…I think).

So, we’re off to a good start.  I’ve registered for a few cool UT things that I think will really add to the room:

Like this stain glass table lamp...from Target

This cute orange pillow...also from Target.

And this nifty little stop light from Sears--though in trying to get this picture it appears that Sears might not have it anymore, but a quick online search proves that it is readily available on called if you search for 16" NCAA Tennessee Volunteers "Let's Go" Traffic Light (and we do want it!)

Some other things we might eventually like to have for the room are:

Some fan pulls (for when we get Uncle Charlie back over to help us install our other fan--compliments of one of Lita B's clients.)

Or like these...

And something like this really cool light switch cover.

So, as you can see…even though (and God knows it) UT Orange is a bit tacky and doesn’t go with much, I think that our office theme will work well for us and be a fun little room in our house that we both really enjoy. There is so much great Volunteer memorabilia that the possibilities are endless. 🙂 Go Vols!

The walls were painted gray because I felt like that would really work well in the room…and boy did it ever.  The room looks really great with the fresh coat of paint (a million thanks to my mom for coming over to help me paint it and a million thanks to Tanner for letting me turn his house over).  Lita helped me pick the color for that room, but when I got to Lowes, I couldn’t find the color sample we’d settled on, so I went with my gut and was really pleased with what I got.  I ended up with a colored called “Filtered Shade” and though I got a little nervous as we were putting it on that it would turn out too purple, the Lowes paint attendant assured me that it was a TRUE gray and that it didn’t have any purple or blue in it at all.  So I was really pleased with it and think the room has a lot of potential to be fun.  (Those of you that are friends of the Green’s, you can sort of see where I’m going with this room–to an extent–if you envision the Elvis room.)

As far as wedding plans are going…we’re sort of in a stand still/holding pattern.  I’m at a place where I don’t have much planning to do and not much else to pick out.  My mom was awesome today because I found a dress I.JUST.HAD.TO.HAVE. for the rehearsal dinner it was the perfect.Perfect.PERFECT LBD (little black dress) with just a hint of purple in it to go with my shoes.  I am capable of putting a picture of it here, but instead will keep you all guessing and will just post pictures when the event rolls around.  At any rate, I’m hoping that when this dress gets to my doorstep that it will be exactly what I imagined it would be and that it will fit exactly as the measurements say it will…and I guess if not, I can hope to catch a couple of stomach bugs between now and the wedding…just kidding…I’m still going to the gym, so hopefully that will start paying off.

I was going to put some pictures of the room up, but when I took them with my camera, it was really difficult to see the gray on the walls.  When we get some stuff up, I will post some pictures because right now, the office is basically a gray room with our old furniture and a UT trashcan and mouse pad in it.  You can’t get the full effect until we get some of our stuff hung and get some other fun little things to put in there!  Though I love our little house, I can’t wait until we have a whole basement/man cave for me to decorate FOR TANNER this way. 🙂


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