We’re Back to the Menu

Monday: Peppered Pork in Mushroom Sauce over White Rice with a side of zucchini

This peppered pork recipe is from the Betty Crocker 300 Calorie Cookbook.  Essentially, it’s a pork tenderloin seasoned with a pepper blend then cooked in oil over high heat.  The broth for this meal is made from chicken broth and flour, balsamic vinegar, dried rosemary and mushrooms.  I’m serving this with white rice and sautéed zucchini.

Tuesday: Olive Garden.

Tuesday we have our first real session of marriage counseling after our big test (dum dum duuuuummmm–haha).  Mom got Tanner a gift card to the Olive Garden for his birthday, so we’re going to use that to go to dinner after our marriage counseling session.  We’re also going to get a pumpkin or two at Messiah (because they’re doing their pumpkin patch right now) to carve up maybe that night or later in the week.  I’ve got a great recipe from allrecipes.com for the pumpkin seeds so I can try to cook those up for us to enjoy as a little sweet and spicy snack.

Wednesday: Blue Cheese Chicken Tenders and Salad

Surprisingly…this meal is also from the Betty Crocker 300 Calorie Cookbook.  I’m not sure how, but I’m excited about it!  Basically, I’m cooking some chicken breast tenders in lemon juice and garlic.  Then I’m going to add in some blue cheese dressing and cook it down.  Then I’ll plate it up and top with blue cheese crumbles and serve it up with a salad.  Hopefully, my little Tanner will love it too, it sounds so yummy to me!

Thursday: Leftovers.

We have some pasta Carbonaro left over from last week that we can munch on and there is always the option for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  We all know how yummy that can be as the fall weather turns cooler.  So, we’re not too worried.

Friday: Who knows…

At the end of the week, we’re never really quite sure what we’re going to eat and what we’re going to do.  So we usually just leave Friday’s up in the air (which if you read this often you already know that).

After Friday, we’re not really sure what we’re going to do, but Halloween is mom’s birthday, so I’m sure we’ll go hang out with her some and I’m thinking we might try to get up to the mountains next Sunday to do a short hike to admire the fall colors before they peak and change.  So hopefully we’ll be able to do that too.  Anyway, we’ve got some good fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks, so stay posted.  I promise I’ll try to be better about updating!


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  1. Kathy Taylor

    Ummmm…..I’m thinking…..dinner at YOUR house. 🙂

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