We’ve Made Our Office Upgrades

So, despite the excruciating pain Tanner and I felt after witnessing the UT/Alabama game yesterday and after nursing our headaches caused by the relentless playing of “The Million Dollar Band” we decided to hang a couple of things in the office.

As I mentioned in the last post, we got the Power T valance in and…I can’t lie…I was kind of excited.  Remember, I said, “If we’re going there, we’re going all the way!”  So I hung the valance and then today hung the two pictures I got Tanner for his birthday.  Slowly, but surely, the room is coming together.  The main thing I wanted to avoid was just taking everything we took off the walls and hurriedly hang them back up.  I wanted to put some thought into the things that went back onto the walls, so we’re taking it slow.

Here’s what’s there so far:

When you come into the office and turn to the right, you see the desk.

These two pictures are on one of the shelves. The one on the right is of Tanner and me (this is the first gift I gave him…a picture of us that says “Tanner and Abbey Best Friends”). The one on the right is of my birthday three years ago when Tanner and his friends rented a boat for the Florida game. It’s of me and him and his Dad the first time I met his parents.  That little man is something we brought home from Kingsport the last time we were there.  Tanner’s uncle gave it to him.

The next thing you'll see if you continue looking right is the Power T valance.

Tanner isn’t sure if he likes it, but told me to give him some time to get used to it (I really like it!)

Keep looking to the left of the room...

Keep looking to the left of the room and you’ll see the two pictures I got Tanner for this birthday that we hung and then the Phil Fulmer signed football and a UT Basketball foam something-or-other on top of the bookshelf.

So, as you can see…we’re getting there.  Other things I’d like to hang are Tanner’s framed fraternity membership and his fraternity paddle (I have my mom’s sorority paddle so I’ll hang those together probably).  Also, as I’ve said before, I’d like to hang some of our engagement pictures and the pictures we take at some of the games.

As you know, by now I’m sure, I make Tanner do one of these pictures with me at just about every game.  I’d like to do something that puts a bunch of the pictures we have like this together somehow.  Below are some of them.

Or maybe just get this last one framed when we do the engagement pictures because that is, by far, my favorite picture of us from a game ever. 🙂

Anyway…as you can see, I’m going where I wanted to with this room and I’m happy with how it turned out.  The only snafu we had was that the internet stopped working this weekend, so I had to get on the phone with Linksys to get my old router set up here with Tanner’s desktop.  It took FOREVER, but I got it fixed so now we’re all happy and going where I wanted with this room.  I’m absolutely loving it.  Hopefully you guys will too when/if you see it in person.

Do you think I’m crazy?! Have any suggestions for the UT room?  Let me know.  Leave some comments.  Also, which UT pictures from our engagement session at the stadium do you think we should use for the room?


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