I Can Make Pizza AND Meringue

So…today for the TN game, we were going to get together with Crystal and Louis, but I remembered that I wanted to make a Banana Pudding Pie from scratch for mom’s birthday.  So we decided to watch the game at home and I made a pizza for us to eat for lunch (this time we used mozzarella, turkey pepperoni, Italian sausage pizza sauce and mushrooms…for Tanner’s side I also added black olives–yuck!).

Half and Half Pizza for game day

After we finished lunch, I started on my mom’s birthday pie.  The recipe for the pie called for me to make the pie crust out of Nilla Wafers, but I decided to go ahead and buy a pie crust at the grocery store…after I finished the pie I kind of wished I had made the pie crust myself because I do have some great glass pie plates I could have used, but I don’t have a food processor or food chopper except to put the stuff in the bag and crush it up myself and I was trying to avoid that since we were also watching the game.

Right now, it’s in the oven–baking at 350 for 10-12 minutes–to let the meringue for the top brown up a bit.  I’m a little nervous because I can’t taste it before I serve it and I’ve never had this pie before…but each of the pieces I made tasted good on their own…so I’m going on the assumption that they will taste even better combined.  My biggest concern is how it will hold up in the fridge since I don’t have a great way to serve or display my pies yet.  Like the thing below that is on our registry.

From Bed Bath and Beyond.

Anyway, the pie was pretty easy to do despite the fact that I had to make both the pudding for the pie (vanilla flavored) and the meringue for the top of the pie from scratch.  I just pulled it out of the oven.

Pie just out of the oven...look at the tasty-looking, nicely browned meringue.

Then promptly placed it into a glass pie plate (remember I used a pre-made pie crust from the grocery store, so it’s in the aluminum tin.  I put the whole thing (tin and all) into this glass pie plate so that I could maneuver it a lot easier without worrying about the aluminum plate cracking or bending as I’m moving it around.  The whole thing above then went into the fridge to chill (the recipe calls for it to chill for 4 hours, but I’m hoping that if it sits in there uncovered until after dinner tomorrow it will be really good as the pudding will have made the Nilla wafers very soggy and good).

Banana Pudding Pie chilling in the fridge

Anyone know if I need to cover this pie for it to sit in the fridge over night?  If so, please text me to let me know or leave a comment here to tell me what I need to do with it as it chills.

I know Mom is reading this, what do you think?! How does it look?  I hope it’s good.  I’ll post pictures of it after its sliced tomorrow (if it turns out ok).  I may need to have a Marie Calendars pie on hand just in case. 🙂

I’m still not quite sure what I’m cooking for the actual meal tomorrow.  I am pretty sure we are still going with pork tenderloin because it can feed so many and has so many options for preparing it.  I am also pretty sure we are going to do mashed potatoes.  Unsure what the green veggie will be, probably green beans.  But the actual menu is still UP.IN.THE.AIR! I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

Now, back to the game as we watch our Volunteers fall apart in the second half.  At least we’ve got some fun stuff planned for tonight.  That’s right…we (Sookie Stackhouse and the Devil) are hanging out with Fred Flintstone and Betty Rubble–dunno what’s going on there, but I’m not asking questions! Happy Halloween Eve!


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