It’s Bad For My Home When the Vols Do Well


Tanner and his elbow injury...I'm more worried about our wall.

This is what Tanner did celebrating the Vols tying it up in the second half…luckily, shortly after South Carolina scored a TD to regain the lead.

Guess I’ll be painting the downstairs before the bedroom or kitchen and putting up the back splash in the kitchen.

Go Vols and happy birthday Mom.

Don’t worry though, Tanner is fine. The only injury he’s got is his ego. 🙂


Tanner: "I really don't know how to fix that..." Me: (hysterical laughter)


Me: "You really got that good, Bubba." Tanner: "Yeah, I hit it pretty solid." Me: (more hysterical laughter)

I guess this proves my love for my future husband in that I was more concerned for his well-being than I was for the wall and that I didn’t yell at him.  Haha.  I guess I figure the Vols’ game-play is punishment enough. (ps. I’m still hoping they will prove me wrong and come through to win this game in the end…that way at least our wall won’t have been busted for a worthless celebration.) Here’s hoping!

Guess what? We didn’t win…surprise, surprise.  Here’s the fix for now…


Good as new...right?!


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