Everyone Made It Home In One Piece

Well, I’m back from my bachelorette weekend of awesomeness, and it was…well, awesome!

I took off work early on Friday and went to run some errands and (I mentioned those earlier, so I won’t bore you with them again except to say) I got them done.  I DID go to the gym, even though I was seriously considering skipping it.  I’m so glad I did because even though I didn’t pig out all weekend, I still ate and drank lavishly and so would have been hating myself Sunday if I hadn’t.  So it’s a good thing I did.  Go me!

So, I left work early on Friday.  Ran my errands.  Hung out until Tanner got home and then went to pick up Kristen and then headed over to the Belcher’s.  When we arrived, Raluca was already there, but she was hanging out in the yard making some work calls before we got on the road, so we went inside.  Luckily, baby Eli was there and he gave me lots of yummy baby love before I left.  I couldn’t believe how tall he was.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen him, but he’s definitely Matt’s child.  He’s going to be so tall and, let’s face it, handsome! haha. 🙂

Lita and Raluca drove in Lita’s car–well, Raluca drove because Lita’s little foot is almost broken–and I drove my car with Crystal and Kristen as passengers.  We basically just hit the road and decided to go at our own pace and meet at the hotel.  Crystal and Kristen and I were starving, but decided to get a little out-of-town before we stopped to eat.  When we decided we wanted Chick-fil-a we went searching and there were NONE.  When we finally stopped at a Wendy’s we just knew that, because trying to find a Chick-fil-a was like chasing the Holy Grail that one would pop up as soon as we were back in the car.  Despite knowing that, we pulled over, had a sit down dinner at Wendy’s and then hit the road…we saw a Chick-fil-a sign for the next exit! (Of course!)

When we got to Atlanta, I pulled into the Marriott Suites.  The desk clerks in the lobby greeted us with great enthusiasm.  It was so exciting.  BUT, they didn’t have our reservation in the computer! (Oh no! What to do?! Get the note that Lita left me with all the details on it out of the car, of course!) Well, we were at the wrong hotel, so we got back in the car…drove to the Homewood Suites by the Marriott and tried again. (I called them when we pulled out of the other hotel and the desk clerk there gave me directions all the way up to the front door, complete with landmarks!).  We walked into the lobby, checked in, and I got my key…the desk clerk called me Mrs. Harris and told me we were VIP…I blushed, but liked it!

When I got upstairs, Lita and Raluca had already decorated the room with bachelorette-y things and set out some champagne (I won’t go into details because I know my mom and mother-in-law are reading this. haha. :))  So we drank some champagne and got our bearings.  Lita told me that the original plan was for us to go see a fortune-teller, but the one she had scheduled canceled and she couldn’t get a hold of another one.  I told her, “They probably weren’t that good anyway.  If they were awesome fortune tellers, they would have known we were trying to call them.” (I know, I’m so funny!).  So after we finished off the champagne, we got dressed, got in a cab and went to Fado Irish Pub.  It was a funky little pubby, dancey club.  It was, basically, awesome.  We got some finger foods (10 minutes before the bar closed), got hit on by some random guys, did a little bit of dancing, marveled at the number of hockey jerseys being worn in the club, and laughed at the girls in skanky clothes. We rounded the night up about 2 a.m. and headed back to the hotel.

We chatted for a little bit, got the room ready for sleeping (pulled out the fold out couch) and went to bed! The next morning, we got up to get ready, but decided to go down to breakfast first.  As we got out of the elevator, we realized we were the only ones there having breakfast in our pajamas, but we really didn’t care.  We were glad we were on a mini vacation and didn’t care what anyone else thought of us! haha.  So we finished our breakfast and went back upstairs to shower.  After everyone was ready, Lita and Raluca and I went to meet Ashley in the lobby.  She was going to take us to Lenox mall for a little bit.  While we were shopping around Lenox (I only spent $16.99 on a bobble head for Tanner–see below), Kristen and Crystal went to pick up some wine and beer for our painting class at Sips N Strokes.

Lita thought this was a fitting gift for Tanner because 1) he loves this movie, 2) he went as Alan for Halloween last year, 3) Toby loves baby Carlos and 4) the Hangover theme was fitting with our bachelorette trip (even though I didn't have a hangover)

After we were done at the mall, Ashley drove me and Lita to the BYOB Painting class.  It was so much fun. SO.MUCH.FUN.  It was hilarious to watch everyone paint.  Crystal, Kristen and I were proud to say that even if our pictures weren’t the best in the class, they sure as hell weren’t the worst. haha. Lita didn’t enjoy the class as much because she was stressed about painting the Eiffel Tower.  She couldn’t get on board with the jazzy lines and abstractness of it because she’s an illustrator trained in architectural drawings.  She wanted to actually draw the Eiffel Tower, and that’s not really what the teacher was going for.  Either way, though, it was hilarious and, like I said, SO.MUCH.FUN.  Here’s how my picture turned out.

Not too shabby, huh? Tanner is amazed at how good it is and keeps telling me how awesome he thinks it is. I don't know if I should be offended he's surprised I have some artistic talent. 🙂

I’ll post other pictures of the art class as my girlfriends post theirs.  I made it all the way down to Atlanta with my camera box (charger, memory card and all) and realized my camera was in the wedding bag, in the living room, of the house, in Tennessee.  So, I had to rely on my phone and everyone else to take pictures.  They’ll upload them soon and I’ll add them in another post.

After we left the class, we went back to the hotel to hang out and rest.  Not much happened except Raluca realized she left her phone at Urban Outfitters and we had a minor panic attack trying to figure out how to get it back, but all was well and she got it back with relatively little trouble.  Amanda had gotten to the hotel at this point and so we all started getting ready.  She curled my hair and Crystal’s and her own.  Don’t they look hot?

Crystal with Big, Sexy Hair

Amanda with Big, Sexy Hair

Don’t think those pictures are creepy.  I took them to send to their respective significant others so they could see how pretty their girlfriend/fiances were and to thank them for sharing the girls with me this weekend.

After everyone got dressed, we did a lingerie shower…I won’t give many details about this except to say that I got some really great stuff.  Then we played a game where the girls asked me 16 questions about Tanner (favorite color, favorite meal I cook, worst meal I’ve ever cooked, first pets name, his favorite feature of mine…to name a few of the PG ones).  I got 13 out of 16 right, but mostly because I guessed he lied about the answers to a lot of them. haha.  After that we played some other bachelorette-y games and then got in a cab for dinner.  We ate at Twist–an awesome little tapas bar.

Here’s a picture of us at dinner.

From left to right: Ashley, Raluca, Lita, Amanda, Kristen, Me and Crystal.

The woman you see in the back of the picture, just behind Amanda, gave me dirty looks all through dinner.  I suppose she didn’t like that I was sitting in the restaurant with a penis tiara on my head, but the fact that she was such a bitch about it made us want to wear it even more.  I eventually took it off, but Raluca put it on, so she didn’t get much relief.  I think she was probably upset that her husband thought we were funny.  What can you do?

Here’s another one from dinner:


Kristen, Me and Crystal

Dinner was awesome.  We had all these great little appetizers.  Check out the menu here. I had the grilled Bistro steak with roasted Portobello mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cabrales blue cheese and rosemary jus; steamed mussels with creamy white wine broth, applewood smoked bacon and grilled bread; and the mini burger with pickle (to die for…there were so many mussels, I shared with the table).  It was all amazing!  Kristen got the steak too, but also got the marinated olives & marcona Spanish almonds.  Lita got the chicken empanadas with Pico de Gallo and hominy. Raluca got the grilled bruschetta topped with tomatoes and aged Parmesan and sautéed chicken livers with carmelized onions, sweet potatoes and sherry jus.  Crystal got the steak with a side of mashed potatoes.  Amanda got the Mediterranean fish bowl with scallops, shrimp, mussels and salmon in a red pepper-saffron broth (I think, if not, she got another sort of fish bowl). Ashley got the roasted herb gnocchi with creminis, tomatoes and melted Machengo cheese.  Needless to say, we were stuffed full with an amazing meal.

After dinner we went to a sports bar, caught a few minutes of all of the UT, LSU, Auburn and South Carolina games.  Had a drink and then went to another bar.  After they tried to charge us $10 per person cover charge, we decided to go back to the hotel to put our cold and tired feet in the hot tub.  We stopped by Kroger, picked up some more beer and wine, went back to the hotel, put our pajamas on and put our feet in the hot tub.  Wild night I know!  haha.  But I loved it.  I got to spend some really good quality time with my friends and that’s exactly.Exactly.EXACTLY what I wanted.

After a couple of hours with our feet in the hot tub, we went to bed.  Sunday morning, we got up, had breakfast together.  Packed up the hotel room (picture below) and headed home.  I took some pictures of the actual room with someone’s camera, but I’ll post those when they get uploaded.  It was a disaster.  It looked like a bomb went off in it…and I guess it did since there were six of us in the room with tons of clothes and stuff and lots of shopping done and lots of presents given.


This is everything that was in our room. Six girls...two nights...sounds about right. Tanner said we were insane when he saw this. He said, "I had ten guys on my trip and we didn't have anywhere near that much luggage!"

Sunday was a perfect day for a drive home.  It was sunny and not to cold or to warm.  The fall colors along the interstate were AMAZING and Kristen’s iPod played all the right tunes to put us in the mood for a nice drive home.  When I got home Sunday, Tanner had made the menu and the grocery list.  He offered to go to the grocery store by himself, but I went with him (you know, to supervise).  For dinner he made me (all by himself…all I did was stir the cheese into the grits) shrimp and grits.


Bubba cooking dinner.

It turned out really well.  I don’t normally like grits, but Tanner did a great job with them.  Dinner was really good and it was just what I needed, a warm, Southern, home-cooked meal to welcome me back to town.

Cheddar grits with shrimp and bacon and a tall glass of milk.

To top it all off, he did the laundry (not out of the ordinary), but also carried my laundry basket upstairs for me.  He had also started repairing the hole in the wall and plans to have it finished on Friday. 🙂

If there’s anything I learned this weekend, it’s that I’m a very lucky girl.  I have a great family, great friends, and a great fiance.  I left this weekend feeling very blessed and overwhelmed by the love I was showed this weekend.  Thanks everyone who contributed to making my bachelorette weekend awesome!  I so, So, SO appreciate it.



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2 responses to “Everyone Made It Home In One Piece

  1. Stephanie Patrick

    SO cute! I loved reading this, and I’m so glad you had such a good time 🙂

  2. Lita

    So glad you enjoyed your weekend away!! I had a great time!! : ) I am also looking forward to some mini bachelorettes around Knoxvegas ; )

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